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5 Things About Valentine’s Day Games You Have To Experience It Yourself

For people in love, every day is Valentine’s day and why not? February 14 shouldn’t be the only day in the calendar we shower love to our loved ones. All through my childhood, Valentine’s day was all about purchasing something special for a loved one or go out of our way to do something that expresses our affection. People gift red roses, chocolate, greeting cards, and go for date nights with those we adore to let them know just how much we care. And we truly enjoy showing our affection to the special people in our lives. And Valentine’s day also became boring with all the cliched ways. Is gifting only the way we show affection to our loved ones? Why not try something new, in which both the girl and boy are involved? Like playing the all-new Valentine’s day games for couples. This Valentine’s day, gift your loved one your precious time by playing escape room games at The Great Escape.


What is The Great Escape all about?

The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. You may think it’s just a fad or else, it’s the only thing all shake-up couples were waiting for. In a world where screens have become the dominant source of entertainment, The Great Escape provides you with the vibe which is meant to be fun and cozy — as cozy as being locked in a room can be.

Nope, it’s neither claustrophobic nor creepy, it’s just the giveaway for the human desire to experience social and the physical while also providing intellectual stimulation and a bit of a thrill. Some escape rooms at The Great Escape try to make the experience slightly scary, to add to the rush of the time crunch whereas some spice up the adventure in a closed room.

A team of people signs up to be locked in a room and must find clues and solve puzzles to complete a given mission and find the key to escape.


How Can playing Escape room games at The Great Escape make your Valentine’s day special

  1. Escape rooms require understanding the other’s nonverbal cues or weaknesses, essential factors to helping each other. And as you get to know each other, they can also help deepen a relationship. You will learn how you each respond to stressors, leadership positions or how you handle each other’s fears or successes.
  2. Escape rooms are a great way to turn your relationship from a platonic one to a romantic one. You’ll discover what you’re good and bad at, let’s say, that you need to process things before you speak out and the habits of your partner you need to confront to quickly.
  3. With such a unique date idea on Valentine’s day, you’ll ensure that you and your date are making great memories that will last a long time. The thrilling process of navigating the escape room means there will be plenty to talk about after the date is over. This is a stand-out experience that your date is sure to remember more than the other, more typical dates they’ve been on. This is a great way to create special memories with your partner for a birthday or holiday. Or, if it’s the first date, you’ll ensure that your date won’t soon forget the great time they had with you and that they’ll want a second date!
  4. Have you ever gone on a coffee or dinner date, but felt too worried about keeping the conversation going to have a good time? No matter how much chemistry you’ll eventually develop with your date, it can be hard to get the conversation to flow the first time you meet. However, with a fun activity for you both to focus on together, you won’t need to worry about conversation topics at all. You can get to know each other’s personality while you figure out the escape room. Then, once the date is over, you’ll have broken the ice already and still have plenty to talk about. You might even want to get a bite to eat after the escape room, just so you can rehash the exciting experience you just had together!
  5. You’ll increase feelings of joy and excitement by participating in this exciting, adrenaline-pumping activity together. You don’t need to go skydiving to get an adrenaline rush with your date. You’ll get the same rush of endorphins with an escape room puzzle that mimics the effects of a dangerous activity — without any of the actual danger. This will help increase chemistry with your date. When you feel like you’ve gone through an intense experience together, you’ll feel more bonded to each other afterward — even if you just met.


The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation at The Great Escape gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow. Book your escape room experience for Valentine’s day now.

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The next big thing in school outings ideas for students

Escape rooms for school students are the new gaming trend these days, but how can it be the best of school outing ideas for students? Let’s see how.

We’ve all experienced it (in fact, some of us are still there); idly sitting at our desks bored out of our minds, staring aimlessly at the clock as it ticks away and waiting to escape the room to the games period. Our teacher speaking in a monotone, mostly a discussion to which we never responded and waited for bell’s gong. We did play a lot of outdoor games in our childhood and if we found them appealing with the right company, we would be out playing for hours at a stretch. Games like Kho-Kho, Lock n’ Key, Dumbsharas and Hide n’ Seek were the favorites. Even though we were aware of the fact that cricket was the most popular sport played across the country and was enjoyed by one and all, we did have our personal favorites.

Ever thought of playing Hide n’ Seek in a locked room? Does being locked in a room for a specified time during which you must escape using teamwork, puzzle solving and communication sound intriguing? Have you ever visited an escape room or heard of these physical adventure games? If your answer is yes, then keep reading because you may want to learn how this popular game can benefit you when you’re at school!


How Escape Room Games Benefit School Students

All learning styles covered: Escape room games for children can be designed with elements that simultaneously serve visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Critical thinking: In addition to reinforcing subject matter expertise, escape games for high school students also encourage critical thinking, competing, achieving, teamwork and communication skills, all of which are key to surviving in today’s world.

Attention: Timed challenges grab and keep students’ attention much better than lectures and other classroom games and other outdoor activities.

Students will love this stuff: Escape games involve elements that are similar to solving puzzles and role-playing games, resulting in enthusiastic student participation, opportunity to compete and generating Intrinsic Motivation to Learn.

Teamwork: Some students may emerge as leaders through the competitive escape room games, allowing you to seek out constructive ways to leverage their peer authority to improve classroom dynamics.

Blooms Taxonomy: Escape games move students past knowledge and comprehension into the application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Game Theory: In-class games are a great way to explore the principles and theory behind game design, a popular and potentially lucrative career path.

Problem Solving: Linear and non-linear gameplay can serve as a practical, hands-on demonstration of the logic principles required to program computers, a skill young people can begin learning at any age.

Be on the cutting edge: Escape rooms for school students are one of the latest, and most exciting, brain-based team experiences around.


Students will be inspired to use the knowledge they gain in the classroom to set and accomplish goals, solve problems, communicate effectively, think outside of boxes . . . and eventually be courageous and confident as they make their way into adulthood.
A single puzzle can combine kinetic learning, spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and teamwork into format kids love.

In case your school is in Hyderabad, make a visit to The Great Escape for an exciting adventure. The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

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How Escape rooms help you learn business through team building activities


An escape room experience is a fun and unique way to create alchemy in a group thereby enhancing your team building through various team building activities. Whether you have experienced it as a corporate team or not, there are many ways an escape room can help in learning business lessons.

Team building: Know your role

Teamwork is the most vital takeaway one can get from an escape room experience. There is a difference between great and poor collaboration and that lies in the knowledge of your role in the game.
Let’s say, you and seven colleagues are in an escape room. Using pieces of information, you have one hour to getting out of the room.

In this scenario, you may end up in one of those two extraordinary situations:

  1. Everyone wants to be the leader: It could be that everybody is instructing the others, or that everyone  is taking a gander at similar signs.
  2. Nobody is assuming responsibility:  No collaboration is present, and each player is trying an alternate way without sharing data.

Ideally, you need each player to take up a specific job and be great at it. You don’t need such a large number of cooks in the kitchen, yet you require a couple of key individuals to provide some guidance. Great collaboration will be necessary, yet you additionally need to ensure everybody is playing a job to the best of their capacities:

  1. An official could allocate tasks to other colleagues, and unite data.
  2. An advertiser could be inventive if finding better approaches to decipher pieces of  information
  3. An IT individual may concentrate on the best utilization for the different props in the room, be it opening locks or translating pieces of information.
  4. Sales reps could concentrate on checking everything including the dividers and yell out any number or letter blend for Support to open the locks.


Rules always don’t mean to be followed

Still, many people stall out into escape rooms a similar way they stall out in business: They play by the rules. 

Thinking outside the box takes an exacting sense when you’re a gathering of 8 experts stuck in a little room intended to divert you from the correct way:

   1. Is this a piece of information, or only a diversion?
   2. Do you need to find the key to this lock, or is it a trap?

Distraction and disruption are challenges you face every day in business. The focus is something you need to train if you want to get things done. Getting things done is one thing, but prioritizing is another. Being in an escape room forces you to face the importance of making good choices, quickly. So here’s the place the parallel between escape rooms and business ends up fascinating and paradoxical:

You don’t need to open every secured lock in front of you, a large portion of them are baits. Rationale and logic are pivotal in business, yet you’re frequently given an excessive number of alternatives. Just the ones that can combine rationale, instinct, and creativity will succeed.

It takes plenty of guts to state no to diversion and spotlight on a plainly characterized way. In the long run, you will fail, however that approach will set you aside in a place you want to be rather than being deadened by such a large number of decisions.


The Obstacle Is The Way

Escape rooms are an extraordinary way to accelerate the lessons you get from reality. You will experience first hand that those who fail are those who DO. Doing is the best way to learn. You will fail as a group, however more critically, you will wind up being aware of the stuff to get back on track and push ahead. You will understand the procedure isn’t tied in with beginning things; it’s tied in with wrapping up. Completing games. Completing blocks. Completing projects.

Every lock in an escape room represents an obstacle your business might be facing. The secret to success is to see every obstacle as a proof that you are on the right path, and also as an opportunity to practice some virtue: patience, courage, humility, resourcefulness, reason, justice, and creativity.

Most groups feel like they have discarded of all choices inside the initial 20 minutes of being stuck in that room. The ones that can see past their first idea bias and escape that thinking loop make it out on time.

An accelerated variant of reality

Bad companies are destroyed by the crisis. Good companies survive the crisis. Great companies are improved by the crisis. Escape rooms are an extraordinary way to find out about the dynamics of your group and experience what an emergency would look like, without the repercussion of the present reality.

In case you’re in Hyderabad, make a visit to The Great Escape for an exciting adventure. The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.


Book one of our Escape rooms now and May the best escapees win!

Escape rooms mentor you on team building activities. Here’s how.

Escape rooms are a physical adventure game where players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues to complete the secret plot in the room. Many corporate offices host their team-building activities at The Great Escape, but only a few are able to crack the code and escape the room. But during this cluster, teams learn a lot about team building activities and problem-solving.



Teamwork in a corporate world means increased cohesion boosted up with morale. Corporates hold teambuilding activities, especially for the newcomers who need to practice working together as a team to develop as better employees of the organization.

Escape rooms are a great way to practice teamwork. Though it is a matter of 60 mins in a locked room, there’s a goal you need to achieve, which cannot be accomplished without teamwork. It was evident that some groups didn’t know what an escape room was, how it worked, and what they received for participating. Even if it’s merely bragging rights.



It might sound fantastic to say that the group doesn’t need a leader and all the work can be managed by a single employee.  But Teams need someone to lead. Even if it’s to make sure that everyone is engaged with their work or not.



Ever played the whispering game? Never ever did then I get the same message which the first person passed on. That’s an example of ineffective communication. Generally, while entering into an escape room, people get dispersed and are puzzled because no one gets the same message.



With regards to critical thinking, being composed can be a gigantic advantage. At The Great Escape, all the pieces of clues were dispersed everywhere. Not having a sense of order put us behind other teams since we couldn’t perceive how the riddle hints fit together.



Teams require critical thinking abilities. Not exclusively to take care of issues yet to recognize red herrings. One of the amusing parts of this escape room is the placement of a false piece of a clue (otherwise known as red herring). It’s imperative for groups to understand that they will gather heaps of data yet not really require every last bit of it to take care of the issue.



All team building activities ought to get a debrief regardless of whether it’s a short one. Another valuable part of escape rooms is a debrief. If you’re a fanatic of debriefs, do visit The Great Escape for a plethora of adventure namely, The Pirate Chest, The Crime Scene Investigation, The Haunted Hour, The Nizami Loot.


The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.


Book one of our Escape rooms now and May the best escapees win!

3 Reasons why Escape Rooms are Good for Celebrating Kids Birthday Parties.

Birthday parties have a special significance especially in the case of kids. Owning an extraordinary day that is their very own forms a fundamental piece of their growth procedure and goes far towards building their confidence. Moreover, it is an open door for children to associate with their little companions and gain new experiences that will carry forward all through a kid’s life. The size or sort of the gathering at a kids birthday parties does not make a difference for a him/her. A celebration is the key.

Celebrating your kid’s birthday party by cutting a cake with family at home or a unique plan at the escape rooms, in the long run, have a similar physiological impact over the child giving him/her cherishable memories.

As a celebration of your kid’s birthday is such an integral part of his/her emotional and social childhood development, you may be thinking of unique ways of making the forthcoming birthday a beautiful memory. But how? Unable to pull out the X-factor?  

No worries, The Great Escape, Hyderabad is at your rescue. The four escape rooms namely, Nizami loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted hour and The Crime Scene Investgation are one of the best ways you can surprise your child and make his/her birthday a wonderful memory.


|       Escape rooms are unique but why only them? Aren’t there any other options? Let us find out.


Loaded up with riddles, enigmas, and a story to unfurl there is significantly more than merely careless amusement to be had. Team Building and brain training practices are introduced to kids and adolescents in fun, one of a kind way. Cooperating, they should think and impart which helps frame connections alongside critical thinking abilities.


While playing escape rooms, there will be numerous errands that should be finished to push ahead, for example, mathematics, puzzles, reasoning, and participation. After fulfillment, most players have an extraordinary feeling of pride and bonding with the others they have prevailing with.




Participation –

Cooperation and collaboration are fundamental. When playing an escape room, kids are encouraged to cooperate to “get away from” the room. A few riddles will require two players to partake in moving into the following piece of the room. This instructs children to impart and cooperate which is fundamental for building social skills.


Basic Thinking –

Strategy and snappy reasoning are a significant piece of playing escape rooms. Most escape rooms allow you one hour to beat the amusement and getaway. Children must figure out how to interpret puzzles by speculating rapidly and productively. Critical thinking abilities are executed and compensated with opening another part of the diversion and fun experience.


Achievement –

During and after the entertainment most children have an extraordinary feeling of success and fulfillment. They are prevailing as a group and conquered every one of the difficulties!

As you can see, kids’ birthday party celebrations are critical for enthusiastic and social child development. Thus, if your child’s birthday is coming soon and you are as yet searching for the best party venues, look no further as The Great Escape is extraordinary compared to other kids birthday party areas in India. We have children birthday party packages to suit all needs and spending plans. Regardless of whether you’re searching for your young lad birthday party plans, princess parties, disco parties, and so forth., we can do it for you.

Wе love tо hear whеn kids соmе bасk аѕ а visitor of thеіr companion’s birthday аt kids party settings аnd tеll uѕ аll аbоut thеіr birthday party thаt wаѕ a half year prior. Thеу recall еасh detail аnd іt mаkеѕ uѕ feel flawless thаt wе tооk part іn making thіѕ great memory. Thіnk аbоut уоur birthday celebrations frоm уоur youth, whісh оnеѕ dо уоu recall thе most?


And do not forget to book one of our escape rooms today at the










5 Reasons Why Escape Rooms are Good for Corporate Team Building Activities?

Hyderabad is a world-class city with a lot of choices for corporate team building activities for employees – so why The Great Escape? Escape rooms are bizarre difficulties. You and your group are “caught” in a space with a time limit to get out, outfitted just with your minds, rationale, and cooperation skills. You are allowed three hints – at the end of the day, how and when you escape, entirely reliant on your team cooperating to examine your tools and options, settle on coolly-headed choices, center around the objective, and make a move to succeed.

The great escape provides a whole lot of vibrant options for best team building games. Be it a group of six people or your entire office staff; there is no shortage of fantastic escape rooms at The Great Escape to entertain them with mind-boggling corporate team building games while getting them to work together with fun.


|     So why only escape rooms when it comes to team building exercises for corporations?


Escape rooms are an excellent way to incorporate the team building spirit in your employees through the bonding ideas and access your team members. Below are 5 reasons how.

Here are 5 reasons why escape rooms are good for corporate team building activities.

1. It Reveals The Employee Identity In a Team:     

Each employee has his/her way of solving the conflict and orientating of a problem. Getting trapped in an escape room for an hour would not only double up the fun but also give you the ability to analyze each’s capability to act when in trouble. You would get to know the one who shows an appetite for leadership and the who gets nervous while solving the cases. The team building games can help you allot office duties correctly, and give people jobs they will be perfectly good at.

2. It Helps You Identify Disruption:

Usually, when team conflicts arise, some members struggle with problem-solving, conflict resolution, and a fixed mindset. Such struggles can hurt their performance and the company’s performance overall.

In addition to that, some members are disruptive namely the quiet ones, the general population who do not get it easily, the complaint boxes and the jokers, who not only add to the group but also take from it. They are unpalatable to associate with, which makes interruption and disunity among the remaining employees.

Team building games can enable employees to distinguish these individuals and deal with them accordingly.

3.Ditch The Screens:

Why would you have a team building activity sort of thing in The Great Escape if it wasn’t fun? Corporate Team building games at The Great Escape are more engaging than your consistent corporate team building exercises which will lead to nothing but rolled eyes and office gossips. Moreover, there are no more emails, IMs, or phones as a go-between. Colleagues will build up communication skills like active listening and turn out to get closer as they contribute toward their ultimate objective.

4.Building Up Morale And Productivity:

Studies found that by creating shared encounters and discovering a common meaning, individuals can construct a relationship and decrease conflicts. The team bonding activities at The Great Escape will include your whole group working through a remarkable test, which at that point turns into a regular subject of discussion among them. Regardless of whether your group doesn’t make it out in time, the shared experience and time spent committed to a team mission will be a memorable one.

5.Access Your Team:      

Escape Rooms let individuals investigate murder mysteries, hunt for the treasure, and solve a complex puzzle. They aren’t merely critical thinking working out. They’re fun, engaging, social activities.

  • Co-Studies have discovered that the individuals who play such brainstorming games are better learners over the ones who don’t.
  • Now and then, it’s necessary that corporations enjoy a release and let their workers have a fabulous time.
  • A team lunch or supper is good, but the problem-solving activities are better.

Team building challenges at The Great Escape gives representatives a chance to rehearse business-related skills while having a great time. Escape rooms can be a valuable tool for organizations that need to evaluate their representatives, develop their skills, and engage them.

Are you ready to make the next corporate team building icebreaker a huge success? Book one of our escape rooms today at