Crime Scene Investigation


Vikram Aditya collapses at a dinner party in his house. His lawyer thinks it’s foul play and deploys you and your team of famous detectives to solve the case.

Twenty-year-old Vikramaditya’s body was found outside his home which left his neighbor devastated. His lawyer deployed you and your friends to investigate further. Wear the detective cap, get into the escape room and ace the case. Play the best mystery solving games at The Great Escape, Hyderabad

It was late at night, Justin had just dozed off into a deep sleep when the siren sounds woke her up. He walked outside to check what had happened and stopped by an ambulance in front of his friend, Vikramaditya’s apartment. He moved closer with a thumping heart and found a swarmed gathering of police gathered around a single body on the ground, with three particular gunshots in the state of a triangle around her heart. The victim was recognized as Vikramaditya, a 20-year-old from New York City, who was Justin’s neighbor. He had a pale appearance with reasonable hair.There was no indication of any imprints on his body to show a struggle; he was set in an ideal position on the ground, his hands laying on his stomach as though the killer had placed her in that situation deliberately. Justin was desperate to know what had happened there. He couldn’t stand the death of his friend. Wanna help Justin? Get into the escape room of crime scene investigation, find the clues and ace the escape game.




60 Mins


4 Min