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How Escape Rooms help in recovering anxiety issues

There are many types of people who visit The Great Escape and escape the room with the same focus and zeal maintained right from the beginning. Except a few, who panic at the first few mins of the hour and hence, lose at the Escape room game. Where we feel it as an accomplishment for entertaining many such people, getting tagged as an anti-depressant among all the other therapies is our crowning achievement. For some, The Great Escape was the source to cope up with anxiety, depression and many more situations which needed treatments. Here’s the story of one such player at our Escape rooms; Neha, and how playing at The Great Escape helped her cope up with the General Anxiety Disorder.

“To someone with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), the idea of being locked in an escape room with a ticking clock seems like a living nightmare. I’m pretty sure, I’ve actually had nightmares similar to the concept. However, escape rooms have been more therapeutic than not. You can cope with anxiety through medications, meditation, exercise, yoga, and many more but these are not so helpful when applied to real life. When things genuinely get overwhelming, I can’t just say, “hold on, let me yoga real quick.” Life doesn’t work that way.

I always over analyze and overthink. I cannot merely slow my brain down; it’s like my thoughts are on a hamster wheel, and every time I get a break, I realize I’m in this perpetual circle of restless thinking. GAD is characterized as “excessive anxiety and worries, occurring more days than not for six months, about some events or activities (such as work or school performance),” and typically accompanied with several other symptoms such as restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and irritability (DSM-IV TR).

When I first heard of an escape room, I was excited, yet nervous. To those of you that don’t know what an escape room is, here is the gist: you are given one hour to break out of a room, but to do so you must solve all of the puzzles, riddles, and clues. When I tried my first escape room at The Great Escape, I was with friends that I felt comfortable with. They explained what I was getting myself into so that I wasn’t nervous. Knowing that you aren’t locked in is a tremendous comfort, but the ticking clock was still in the back of my hamster-wheel head.

As soon as the door closes, the timer starts. It is a bit overwhelming at first because you don’t know where to start. I frantically began searching around the room for anything that could give me anything. Before I knew it, five minutes went by and my anxiety spiked. To a normal person, five minutes doesn’t seem long, but to me, it looked like I had wasted so much time. I was in my head trying to solve this, but that’s the thing… escape rooms are not an individual endeavor; they are a complete team effort. So, for those five minutes that I felt like a failure, I was perfectly normal. My teammates hadn’t found anything, and it was okay. We were all frantic together, and for the first time in my life, I didn’t feel like a spastic ball of stress. We finally found a clue, which led us to another, and then another, and then another…. but the most important part was that I wasn’t alone in my frantic behavior. We were all under pressure, and it was fun. The pressure was good pressure, not unrealistic self-made, exacerbated pressure.

While participating in the escape room, I realized that my anxiety was beneficial. When typically my over-analytical, restless nature had been a downfall, it was finally a strength. I was constantly working to solve a puzzle, or searching for a clue. The ticking clock surprisingly helped my anxiety because I learned to be excited, rather than anxious; it’s like playing a minute-to-win-it game where the fun clouds the anxiety. However, the most important thing that the escape room taught me was that you are never alone. I learned to celebrate my anxiety and use the people around me to get through the tough days because, just as in an escape room, life is not an individual effort. No one can get out by themselves.”

Now you know that there is no need to fear escape rooms. The next step is to book an escape room challenge at The Great Escape.

Check out our challenges and pricing from our home page.

Why Escape Rooms are the Best for Families

An escape room is an adventure game designed for small groups. This strategic game is sure to test your mental limits. You and your team have to work together to decipher clues, overcome challenges, and find your way out of a locked room in less than 60 minutes. This fun, interactive, puzzle game is perfect for many occasions. It’s easy to find players who are amid a family occasion, corporate outing, team building activity, or even a first date.

Are you looking to extend the celebration of Diwali, Pongal or any other festival? Read on for the top reasons why you should plan an escape room party with your family.

What Is So Great About Escape Room Games?

As described above, humans are entertained by The Great Escape’s drama-centered events and problem-solving puzzles. The escape room game emulates this insatiable need to be the hero within an allotted period.

Each room is designed to test your mental strength, work as a team with people you may or may not know, and, ultimately, ring in success by escaping the room with time to spare. Participants in The Great Escape game will use hints, clues, and riddles at hand to break out of the room.

Cost Friendly

Let’s face it: Hosting Family Parties is expensive

You have to worry about buying presents for guests and paying for food and beverages. That’s not even counting the cost incurred by booking an event or planning activity. Think about the costs associated with everyday festive party activities. The price of sporting events live shows, and group dinners can add up fast. It’s no surprise that the average festival party costs upwards of 20,000-40,000 INR. But you don’t have to break the bank to plan a fun party.

An escape room family party is a budget-friendly alternative to an expensive outing. The only cost you have to worry about is the price of admission. Tickets are affordable and usually cost between 400 and 800 INR per person. The pricing structure should help you spend more on gifts, food, or additional activities.

No Restrictions “You must be this tall to ride.”

These dreaded words have ruined their fair share of kid’s birthday parties. But height requirements aren’t the only restrictions you have to worry about when planning a birthday party.

What if you’re planning on a night of bar hopping with friends? We all know what happens to that one person who is under 21. There are myriad restrictions that can put a damper on even the best family outings. Family activities can have restrictions on age, weight, diet, and health.

You don’t need to worry about restrictions at an escape room party. Escape the Room is for people of all ages and skill levels. There’s no prerequisite for playing the game. All you need is a curious mind and a sense of adventure. Escape the Room is for anyone age 12 and up. If anyone in your party is under 17, you need to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Kids under 14 must have a parent or guardian present. Parties with kids under 12 can call ahead to learn more about special accommodations.


There’s no shortage of fun family party activities. But how many of them actually involve teamwork? You can improve your ability to work with others during an escape room family party. You and your team will work together to achieve a common goal. This interactive event will teach you how to overcome adversity, work well with others, and have fun doing it. You and up to six teammates will have to band together to get out of a trapped space.

You and your team will learn more about working together in a pressure-filled situation. Afterward, you can debrief, celebrate, and revel in your successes. Are you looking to commemorate in the evening? You can buy a team photo after you escape the room.

Something Different

Are you looking to do something different for your family? Look no further than an escape room party.

Escape games first gained popularity in Japan and have only recently surfaced in the United States. Popular video games like Zelda and Myst have inspired the escape room movement. These games let you live out a first-person video game challenge. In a few short years, escape parties have gone from obscure to mainstream. They’re growing in popularity at a rapid rate.

No one wants to have a boring family get together. Escape rooms are still relatively new, meaning many in your group will be trying this game for the first time. This unique game offers a new kind of entertainment. There’s never a dull moment in an escape room. It’s an action-packed activity that will leave you breathless and exhilarated.


You have 60 minutes to escape your room. Those 60 minutes are jam-packed with obstacles and pressure-filled situations.

When the clock strikes zero, however, a sense of accomplishment will greet you. You and your team can enjoy a feeling of shared success. Yes, escape rooms can be challenging. But you don’t have to worry about not making it out of the room. The room will make more sense as time unfolds. You also get three hints to help you get back on the track to success. These hints should help move you in the right direction to a victory.

Group Activity

Why are escape rooms so popular for family outings? There are many reasons. It’s fun, cheap, rewarding, and unique. One of the main reasons for their popularity, however, is that they are specifically designed for groups. No one can escape the room without working with others.

You will be locked in a room with up to six other people during your session. This game is tailored for small groups of intimate friends or a family. You don’t have to worry about random people interfering with the fun. You can book the entire room for your time slot.

Your Escape Room Family Outing

Your epic family outing awaits. Escape rooms are becoming a go-to family party event for anyone with a sense of adventure. This one-of-a-kind experience is a fun-filled experience for anyone looking to spice up their family outing. You can grow closer to your family members, conquer a challenge, and even save money by booking an escape room. You will remember your party for many family get-togethers to come.

Are you interested in booking an escape room for your next family outing? The Great Escape is the answer. The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

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Why Are Escape Room Games So Popular

Why Are Escape Room Games So Popular

As citizens of the world, we are all obsessed with puzzles and entertainment, especially when they are combined. Think about it… some of the most popular movies and TV shows today are wrapped around a little drama, a little confusion, some issue at hand, and a solution that must be found.

Take Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Homeland, or 24 as examples of movies, books, and TV shows that have a theme around “we must get this done; we don’t know exactly how, but we must, to save the world.” Okay, so, in real life it isn’t that serious, but you get a little taste of what it might be like to be the star in one of these shows when you play The Great Escape’s games.

This article will describe favorite room escape games, dive into why we love them so much and give a little bit of insight as to why they are fun for just about anyone. Read along to find out more, and how you can book your next event at your local Escape The Room.


What Is So Great About Escape Room Games?

As described above, humans are entertained by The Great Escape’s drama-centered events and problem-solving puzzles. The escape room game emulates this insatiable need to be the hero within an allotted period.

Each room is designed to test your mental strength, work as a team with people you may or may not know, and, ultimately, ring in success by escaping the room with time to spare. Participants in The Great Escape game will use hints, clues, and riddles at hand to break out of the room.


Who Play The Great Escape’s Room Escape Games?

Just about anyone can play The Great Escape games. From the most competitive sports coach, you know to the stay at home mom who loves her soaps, to your female team leader who seems to know just about everything. Each person playing flexes a different skill they have, to solve the puzzle together.

Corporate events love hosting their employees and co-workers in The Great Escape ’s events because it builds individual character while also nourishing a team building experience. Likewise, watching a team complete the escape room game will give an employer or business owner a better idea of how their employees work together and under pressure!

Party planners, whether they are professional or not, love booking rooms at The Great Escape because it is an entirely different experience than almost any other you can think of. When someone is sick of the bar scene or tired of going out to the same restaurant, The Great Escape provides a fun way to do something different and fun!

All in all, escape room games are so popular because they are new and different for each person who is playing. Creating memories together as a work team or social circle is an irreplaceable experience that will be drawn on and from for years to come.


How To Book Your Next Event

To book your next event, simply fill your details on The Great Escape’s book now page and tell us a little bit about what you want and expect from The Great Escape. We will use our expertise to make your next event the best one yet. A room escape is best when shared with people you care about. The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

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15 things you need to know before playing Escape room games

Escape Rooms are not that easy as they seem to be. And to ace it in the first attempt, you really must be different. We’ve compiled our top 23 escape room tips and tricks that we’ve used to achieve greater than 90% escape rate on the almost 300 rooms that we’ve played. Here are 15 things to know before playing Escape Room Games.  


1. What the hell a room escape is

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, you should start by checking out our “What is a room escape” post. It should answer all of your questions… And probably a few you didn’t think to ask.


2. They’re usually hard… You’ll probably lose

Most of these games are challenging… That’s part of what makes them fun. So many things in this world are rubberized and give out participation medals; it’s fun to do something where it is likely that you won’t succeed, but you’ll still have fun.


3. It’s all about the people you play with

You can win or lose these games before they start, just based on your team.

You need a good mix of smart people who are packing different kinds of smart. More often than not, a group consisting of a talented artist, writer, programmer, and salesperson will be more successful than a group of colleagues who all do the same thing… Regardless of how brilliant they are.

You’re also going to need people who can work well together. Leave crazy friends who must be the center of attention at home.


4. You can’t overdress for an escape game

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a fancy room escape. You might find yourself crawling on the floor.

Dress comfortably, and wear comfy shoes; you might be crawling on the floor.


5. Pre-game over caffeine

At The Great Escape the team is made to sit and discuss before they enter the room so they have ample time to prepare. The escape room team will guide you and brief you before you enter the game. This will help you to learn about the structure of the room and the basic guidelines to follow.


6. Dive in

When you enter the game, start playing: Search things, open things, move things, look for anything that could be even remotely interesting or unusual.

If you’re standing there with your hands in your pockets staring at other people playing the game, then you’re doing it wrong. Go on… Have some fun.


7. Get ready for challenges

Any good escape room is going to test your creativity and persistence. You’ll have to think outside of the box. You’ll have to work together. And you’ll have to do it all while racing against the clock. Trust us, your adrenaline will be pumping by the end of the game!


8. Secrets are no fun

Especially when you’re playing a team game. Seriously, you win and lose with your team. The guy (and it’s always a guy) who thinks he can “win” more than his team can is insane.


9. For 1 hour, your pockets don’t exist

Pockets are great! They are super useful, and they store things that we need but don’t want to hold. And you need to forget they exist for the hour that you’re in a room escape. If you put something important in your pocket and forget that it’s there, your team will never escape, and that is a lame way to lose.


10. Don’t be a barbarian

This should go without saying, but someone put hard work and money into that room escape that you’re playing; treat it accordingly.


11. Don’t be shy

Quiet people have just as much to offer as the loud ones… But you’re going to need to speak up; it doesn’t matter if you have the right answer if it isn’t applied (this is a good life lesson).


12. Shut up and listen

Loud folks like me need to try shutting the hell up. Being loud doesn’t make you correct. Let everyone else speak (also a good life lesson).


13. Try obvious answers before doing weird stuff

If you’ve solved a puzzle (or think you’ve solved one), try the solution you have before you start trying to apply strange logic to it. A good room has substantial cause and effect chains; don’t overthink it. That’s a fast way to get yourself into trouble.


14. Surrender to the experience

A room escape is a game, and if you aren’t going to allow yourself to have fun… Then you won’t. And you’ll probably ruin someone else’s time. If you’re the type of snarky jackass who can’t surrender to the experience, do everyone a favor and stay home.


15. Celebrate with your people

However, the game plays out, go out as a team, have a drink, and share your experiences with your friends.

A room escape is best when shared with people you care about. The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

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Use Escape Rooms this Valentine’s day to Gift time to your loved ones

Valentine’s day has always been about pampering your loved ones with gifts and surprises, but don’t you think you’re missing out the most important part of Valentine’s day? To make them feel special. And making them feel special doesn’t have to mean showering them with presents or surprise plans. All your loved one needs are spending quality time with you. So, let’s this Valentine’s, spend our time at Escape rooms and gift time to our loved ones.

Have you ever given a thought how your days are spent?

I bet they go pretty much like this: Your daily work eats the majority of your time and you also have your own personal hobbies that you want to pursue.

In addition, you spend time with your family as much as you can and occasionally you want to spend time with your friends too. You might even have a pet which needs dedication as well.

When you look at the previous daily activities, do you think there is something important missing? You got it right, spending time together with your partner.

The more time that you spend with someone, the more of a chance that you’ll have to truly get to know one another on a deeper level. That is if you ask the right types of questions and what not. But also, it’s a great way to see how well you both interact with one another, as well as how you both act in different situations. Spending quality time with someone that you love and care for is essential in any relationship. Therefore, it’s imperative to make the time and to put the effort into making sure that the time that you spend is not only enough time, but that it’s quality time.

While, traveling with your partner for a holiday, or cooking together are some of the most common things couples do to spend time together, Escape rooms are becoming the new trend in gaming these days. So, how can escape rooms help you in spending quality time with each other?

Getting locked in an escape room for an hour not only lets you know about your partner’s strengths and weaknesses but also, you will learn to complement each other in hard times. Plus, experiencing moments of togetherness in small bits and pieces of the game is worth cherishing. And if you’re planning to gift your partner, what can be more interesting than a surprise gift locked in the suspense of an Escape room. Win the game together, surprise her with the gift and if your creativity is at peaks, why not recreate your proposal? Interesting isn’t it? Why be in two minds about your Valentine’s surprise when The Great Escape is the best way to show your creativity.

The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

Book one of our Escape rooms now and gift time to your love.

5 Things About Valentine’s Day Games You Have To Experience It Yourself

For people in love, every day is Valentine’s day and why not? February 14 shouldn’t be the only day in the calendar we shower love to our loved ones. All through my childhood, Valentine’s day was all about purchasing something special for a loved one or go out of our way to do something that expresses our affection. People gift red roses, chocolate, greeting cards, and go for date nights with those we adore to let them know just how much we care. And we truly enjoy showing our affection to the special people in our lives. And Valentine’s day also became boring with all the cliched ways. Is gifting only the way we show affection to our loved ones? Why not try something new, in which both the girl and boy are involved? Like playing the all-new Valentine’s day games for couples. This Valentine’s day, gift your loved one your precious time by playing escape room games at The Great Escape.


What is The Great Escape all about?

The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. You may think it’s just a fad or else, it’s the only thing all shake-up couples were waiting for. In a world where screens have become the dominant source of entertainment, The Great Escape provides you with the vibe which is meant to be fun and cozy — as cozy as being locked in a room can be.

Nope, it’s neither claustrophobic nor creepy, it’s just the giveaway for the human desire to experience social and the physical while also providing intellectual stimulation and a bit of a thrill. Some escape rooms at The Great Escape try to make the experience slightly scary, to add to the rush of the time crunch whereas some spice up the adventure in a closed room.

A team of people signs up to be locked in a room and must find clues and solve puzzles to complete a given mission and find the key to escape.


How Can playing Escape room games at The Great Escape make your Valentine’s day special

  1. Escape rooms require understanding the other’s nonverbal cues or weaknesses, essential factors to helping each other. And as you get to know each other, they can also help deepen a relationship. You will learn how you each respond to stressors, leadership positions or how you handle each other’s fears or successes.
  2. Escape rooms are a great way to turn your relationship from a platonic one to a romantic one. You’ll discover what you’re good and bad at, let’s say, that you need to process things before you speak out and the habits of your partner you need to confront to quickly.
  3. With such a unique date idea on Valentine’s day, you’ll ensure that you and your date are making great memories that will last a long time. The thrilling process of navigating the escape room means there will be plenty to talk about after the date is over. This is a stand-out experience that your date is sure to remember more than the other, more typical dates they’ve been on. This is a great way to create special memories with your partner for a birthday or holiday. Or, if it’s the first date, you’ll ensure that your date won’t soon forget the great time they had with you and that they’ll want a second date!
  4. Have you ever gone on a coffee or dinner date, but felt too worried about keeping the conversation going to have a good time? No matter how much chemistry you’ll eventually develop with your date, it can be hard to get the conversation to flow the first time you meet. However, with a fun activity for you both to focus on together, you won’t need to worry about conversation topics at all. You can get to know each other’s personality while you figure out the escape room. Then, once the date is over, you’ll have broken the ice already and still have plenty to talk about. You might even want to get a bite to eat after the escape room, just so you can rehash the exciting experience you just had together!
  5. You’ll increase feelings of joy and excitement by participating in this exciting, adrenaline-pumping activity together. You don’t need to go skydiving to get an adrenaline rush with your date. You’ll get the same rush of endorphins with an escape room puzzle that mimics the effects of a dangerous activity — without any of the actual danger. This will help increase chemistry with your date. When you feel like you’ve gone through an intense experience together, you’ll feel more bonded to each other afterward — even if you just met.


The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation at The Great Escape gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow. Book your escape room experience for Valentine’s day now.

Book your Valentine’s day special Escape room experience now.

The next big thing in school outings ideas for students

Escape rooms for school students are the new gaming trend these days, but how can it be the best of school outing ideas for students? Let’s see how.

We’ve all experienced it (in fact, some of us are still there); idly sitting at our desks bored out of our minds, staring aimlessly at the clock as it ticks away and waiting to escape the room to the games period. Our teacher speaking in a monotone, mostly a discussion to which we never responded and waited for bell’s gong. We did play a lot of outdoor games in our childhood and if we found them appealing with the right company, we would be out playing for hours at a stretch. Games like Kho-Kho, Lock n’ Key, Dumbsharas and Hide n’ Seek were the favorites. Even though we were aware of the fact that cricket was the most popular sport played across the country and was enjoyed by one and all, we did have our personal favorites.

Ever thought of playing Hide n’ Seek in a locked room? Does being locked in a room for a specified time during which you must escape using teamwork, puzzle solving and communication sound intriguing? Have you ever visited an escape room or heard of these physical adventure games? If your answer is yes, then keep reading because you may want to learn how this popular game can benefit you when you’re at school!


How Escape Room Games Benefit School Students

All learning styles covered: Escape room games for children can be designed with elements that simultaneously serve visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Critical thinking: In addition to reinforcing subject matter expertise, escape games for high school students also encourage critical thinking, competing, achieving, teamwork and communication skills, all of which are key to surviving in today’s world.

Attention: Timed challenges grab and keep students’ attention much better than lectures and other classroom games and other outdoor activities.

Students will love this stuff: Escape games involve elements that are similar to solving puzzles and role-playing games, resulting in enthusiastic student participation, opportunity to compete and generating Intrinsic Motivation to Learn.

Teamwork: Some students may emerge as leaders through the competitive escape room games, allowing you to seek out constructive ways to leverage their peer authority to improve classroom dynamics.

Blooms Taxonomy: Escape games move students past knowledge and comprehension into the application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Game Theory: In-class games are a great way to explore the principles and theory behind game design, a popular and potentially lucrative career path.

Problem Solving: Linear and non-linear gameplay can serve as a practical, hands-on demonstration of the logic principles required to program computers, a skill young people can begin learning at any age.

Be on the cutting edge: Escape rooms for school students are one of the latest, and most exciting, brain-based team experiences around.


Students will be inspired to use the knowledge they gain in the classroom to set and accomplish goals, solve problems, communicate effectively, think outside of boxes . . . and eventually be courageous and confident as they make their way into adulthood.
A single puzzle can combine kinetic learning, spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and teamwork into format kids love.

In case your school is in Hyderabad, make a visit to The Great Escape for an exciting adventure. The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

Book one of our Escape rooms now and May the best escapees win!

Crack the Escape room code with these tips and tricks

Escape rooms are no less in becoming the new gaming trend these days. The 60 min brainstorm is enough to keep you charged the whole day. Other than the real-time gaming freaks, cracking the code of escape rooms seems really difficult at initial stages. No worries! With these tips to crack the escape room, you’ll ace it even if you’re playing for the first time.




The best team is made with diverse minds. Look for people who can think differently in every case. That doesn’t mean you start rating your friendship with people in terms of “useful to me or not”.  If a whole team thinks the same way, there’s no way you can escape. When people put their minds in different fields which result in one successful attempt, that’s when we call it a teamwork.



How many times have you wasted your time solving the same puzzle your friend has already solved? Regretted that anytime? That’s where you lack the most important skill of cracking an Escape Room code, Communication. This may seem a very easy art to master but when it comes to applying at escape rooms, you go sensory overload.

Other than getting overwhelmed with the no of clues and puzzles you have, start dividing yourselves and shout out when you find a clue. Compiling a list of clues would minimize the chances of miscommunication.



You may think that your strategy is the best to crack the code of the Escape room. But, when you’re entering the room, you have to try everyone’s idea because you don’t know whose idea will work eventually. Escape room teams function best when they try everything and everyone. So if your teammate has a crazy but somewhat reasonable idea, listen to them and try it with them! If you think it’s a bad idea, still encourage them to try it nevertheless. As long as the crazy idea is reversible, it might just move you closer to the final solution. At the very least, it will be fun!



Happy that you’ve solved the hardest puzzle? Hang on! Did you solve the easy one first? Or did you miss the most crucial part the answer contains? Mostly, we’re so overwhelmed with solving the difficult puzzles that we forget about the easy ones. There lies the actual trick. Easy ones consist the most vital part of the answers you’re searching for. Look beyond the clue.



Unless you’re solving a space odyssey puzzle, do not overuse your sweet space knowledge on Escape rooms. Remember, real life escape games are designed for everyone i.e. for every level of intelligence procured by human beings.  By doing this, you’d be ignoring the obvious.



Escape rooms are designed in such a way that even the decoration is enough to flatter you and distract you from playing the game. This eventually means you’re leaving an important clue behind. Don’t get hung up with the extravagance, for each of that has something hidden.



Yeah, I remember me saying not to ignore the obvious in point no 4, but fidgeting with something like power sockets, drop ceiling tiles is simply wasting your time and their property. You may think that Escape rooms give you the experience of solving a real crime scene or a mystery but, let me tell you, Escape rooms are dead easy if you know the exact points where to concentrate on.



Unless the lock is some sort of “lockout” safe, attempting combination solutions whenever you have a plausible correct solution gives you quick feedback on if you’re doing the right thing. If you’re lucky, your first guess might even be right! This tip is combined well with the next tip – if you have 3 out of 4 of the numbers on a combination lock, immediately input in the 3 digits and cycle through the last one.



If you’re planning to get sloshed and play at escape rooms, be ready to get hit by your team in the end. Escape rooms are a lot more fun when played sober. Come in with a sober mind ready for some puzzle-solving, quick decision-making, and effective communication! Celebrate afterward instead of before!



Some of the most satisfying escape rooms are ones where we don’t escape. The game is a lot more fun when you solve puzzles genuinely and don’t rush chaotically to finish the game. These games can be hard but are also simultaneously fun and immensely satisfying. Enjoy yourselves, and embrace the game and your friends, not the outcome, and you will have lots of fun!


The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.


Book one of our Escape rooms now and May the best escapees win!

Embrace Escape Rooms this Christmas instead of loathing office parties

Christmas is that magical time of the year when you’d like to enjoy with your loved ones but there is one thing you can’t help loathing about: OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTIES. Christmas parties at the workplace can be a well-earned chance to let off some steam but you’re always under the pressure of getting sloshed and letting out what you exactly think of your colleagues. The reason why most of the people hate office festive parties is that of this risk of a corporate team building activity turning out to be an alcohol-fuelled obstacle.  

Not everyone in your office is fond of rolling eyes and gossips. And if you wanna hang out with such co-workers, why not ditch the conventional way of office festive parties in favor of an Escape room experience?

The idea is simple. Get your favorite group of co-workers and lock-up yourself in a room for 60 mins. Wanna get out of it? Crack the code and Escape the room.

Webbed in a series of cryptic clues, all you have to use is your common sense, the presence of time and a lot of teamwork. The way to your exit is just after you successfully achieve all these goals.


5 reasons for choosing Escape rooms over a team dinner or an office party


A BAG OF MEMORIES: Entering into the escape room is itself a thrilling team building experience, way entertaining than your corporate team building activity. Cracking codes and resolving riddles guarantees fun and giggles, the idea of an escape room is unique in relation to customary office Christmas festivities. A one hour of an amazing experience will free you and your coworkers from the office gossip at least till the New Year because you’ll talk will be filled with cherished memories.


DE-STRESS YOURSELF: Eventually, the point is to get away from a themed room using the clues the room gives you, but immersing yourselves completely in an intuitive and energizing escape room can offer splendid escapism from the worries of the outside world – extraordinary if your work is keeping you under pressure.


DITCH YOUR CONVENTIONAL CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES: Good relational abilities, tuning in, and cooperation is expected to prevail in escape room games (you’ll never solve the mystery if one person from your gathering keeps his strategy to himself!), so you and your co-workers will undoubtedly get closer because of playing.


GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS AHEAD!: For people who are always up to capturing candid photographs, escape rooms provide a great opportunity to them with the help of props and accessories. You’ll never get a place like this to click photos like this.


HEALTHY COMPETITION: All of The Great Escape rooms, namely The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation usually hold up to 6 people, so you can compete with the other group of your colleagues to see you can escape the fastest!


The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

Book one of our Escape rooms now and May the best escapees win! “The Great Escape”


6 ways Escape Room benefit your health.

Didn’t crack the last competitive examination? Or just had a bad break up? Trust me, stress and depression are all around us. And the old ways of refreshing yourself are not fun anymore. Further, it leads to more boredom these days. Wait a sec! Have you tried Escape rooms yet? Yes, Escape rooms benefit your health in a number of ways. Obviously, not in the way your oatmeal or fruits do. Playing escape room games and puzzles help you distract you healthily and sway that depression from you.

Well, this was just a one-liner. Following is the list of 6 ways Escape Rooms benefit your health with.


You have to talk, even if they’re your enemies: Communication and Social Ability

You’re locked up in a room, and you’re given an hour to come out of it. Sounds easy right? Adding up the spice, you’re with your grave enemies inside the darkness. The only thing left to do is solve the clues together and get out of the room. And in order to do this, you have to gander at every single detail of the room and convey it to your teammates, furthermore, you need to pay heed to each and every team member to solve the clues. And as elders say, “Practice makes man perfect”, after getting out of the room successfully, you’ll be able to converse easier than before.


Recharge your brain cells : Cognitive Activities

Looking for a way to energize your brain cells? Nothing can compare the fun of solving the puzzles and riddles at The Great Escape. The sooner you start challenging your mind, the better, as those with more frequent cognitive activity over their lifespan fared the best, cognitively, in their later years.

Researchers wrote:

“More frequent cognitive activity across the life span has an association with slower late-life cognitive decline that is independent of common neuropathologic conditions, consistent with the cognitive reserve hypothesis.”


It’s high time! Destress it: The Stress Reliever

Yeah! Yeah! I can completely understand that pain. Everyone has his/her own reasons for high stress. And the conventional methods like Yoga and Meditation do benefit us but in long term.

At the moment, what everyone wants is a distraction from the hectic schedule. And Escape Rooms are the best stress reliever or anti-depressant you need right now. All those emotional breakdowns you have, release nuggets of dopamine every time you’re sad or depressed which 0verall affects your mood. These small doses of satisfaction you get from playing Escape rooms will make you an optimistic person in some time. Don’t believe me? Start playing yourself.


Give that slightest clue a bit detailing: Pique your senses.

Investigate! Still couldn’t find anything in that sheer darkness? While in play, individuals are undeniably engaged and mindful that they are in everyday life, and in light of current circumstances. Missing even the most moment detail could divert from your whole amusement and cost your group the title of ace players.

Paying attention to the minute detail is a useful skill to have, and doing escape rooms is a fun method to focus on and enhance this expertise! Subsequent to finishing a room or two, you will get yourself quicker than at any other time! Who knew building fundamental abilities could be so fun?


You didn’t know about that ability of yours, Right?: Unveil yourself in a novel way.

You’re nowhere but at the center of the action taking place. Well, that’s the beauty of escape rooms. As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, entering into an escape room will arise a sudden urge to solve the clues and escape the room in one hour. That moment of high pressure is likely to enable you to feel the surroundings and tackle it your own way. Your senses are piqued and the urgency of the situation brings out a new you.


No need of those brain workouts to boost your memory: The memory booster

As we mature, we realize that our memory is being tested. Playing in Escape rooms can be an incredible method to help your memory recall and retention, by interfacing with the code, image or dialect. Some Escape rooms will expect you to center your vitality into holding data and reviewing it later in the amusement. This training can greatly expand our memory limit and lifespan, empowering us to take away something incredible and valuable in our regular daily existences.


You cannot question the health benefits of escape rooms. Similarly, The Great Escape provides you with a plethora of escape rooms namely The Pirate Chest, The Crime Scene Investigation, The Haunted Hour and The Great Nizami Loot where you can experiment with your skills. So, why not start with The Great Escape and embark your journey.