6 ways Escape Room benefit your health.

The Great Escape - 6 ways Escape Room benefit your health.

Didn’t crack the last competitive examination? Or just had a bad break up? Trust me, stress and depression are all around us. And the old ways of refreshing yourself are not fun anymore. Further, it leads to more boredom these days. Wait a sec! Have you tried Escape rooms yet? Yes, Escape rooms benefit your health in a number of ways. Obviously, not in the way your oatmeal or fruits do. Playing escape room games and puzzles help you distract you healthily and sway that depression from you.

Well, this was just a one-liner. Following is the list of 6 ways Escape Rooms benefit your health with.

You have to talk, even if they’re your enemies: Communication and Social Ability

You’re locked up in a room, and you’re given an hour to come out of it. Sounds easy right? Adding up the spice, you’re with your grave enemies inside the darkness. The only thing left to do is solve the clues together and get out of the room. And in order to do this, you have to gander at every single detail of the room and convey it to your teammates, furthermore, you need to pay heed to each and every team member to solve the clues. And as elders say, “Practice makes man perfect”, after getting out of the room successfully, you’ll be able to converse easier than before.

Recharge your brain cells : Cognitive Activities

Looking for a way to energize your brain cells? Nothing can compare the fun of solving the puzzles and riddles at The Great Escape. The sooner you start challenging your mind, the better, as those with more frequent cognitive activity over their lifespan fared the best, cognitively, in their later years.

Researchers wrote:

“More frequent cognitive activity across the life span has an association with slower late-life cognitive decline that is independent of common neuropathologic conditions, consistent with the cognitive reserve hypothesis.”

It’s high time! Destress it: The Stress Reliever

Yeah! Yeah! I can completely understand that pain. Everyone has his/her own reasons for high stress. And the conventional methods like Yoga and Meditation do benefit us but in long term.

At the moment, what everyone wants is a distraction from the hectic schedule. And Escape Rooms are the best stress reliever or anti-depressant you need right now. All those emotional breakdowns you have, release nuggets of dopamine every time you’re sad or depressed which 0verall affects your mood. These small doses of satisfaction you get from playing Escape rooms will make you an optimistic person in some time. Don’t believe me? Start playing yourself.

Give that slightest clue a bit detailing: Pique your senses

Investigate! Still couldn’t find anything in that sheer darkness? While in play, individuals are undeniably engaged and mindful that they are in everyday life, and in light of current circumstances. Missing even the most moment detail could divert from your whole amusement and cost your group the title of ace players.

Paying attention to the minute detail is a useful skill to have, and doing escape rooms is a fun method to focus on and enhance this expertise! Subsequent to finishing a room or two, you will get yourself quicker than at any other time! Who knew building fundamental abilities could be so fun?

You didn’t know about that ability of yours, Right?: Unveil yourself in a novel way

You’re nowhere but at the center of the action taking place. Well, that’s the beauty of escape rooms. As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, entering into an escape room will arise a sudden urge to solve the clues and escape the room in one hour. That moment of high pressure is likely to enable you to feel the surroundings and tackle it your own way. Your senses are piqued and the urgency of the situation brings out a new you.

No need of those brain workouts to boost your memory: The memory booster

As we mature, we realize that our memory is being tested. Playing in Escape rooms can be an incredible method to help your memory recall and retention, by interfacing with the code, image or dialect. Some Escape rooms will expect you to center your vitality into holding data and reviewing it later in the amusement. This training can greatly expand our memory limit and lifespan, empowering us to take away something incredible and valuable in our regular daily existences.

You cannot question the health benefits of escape rooms. Similarly, The Great Escape provides you with a plethora of escape rooms namely The Pirate Chest, The Crime Scene Investigation, The Haunted Hour and The Great Nizami Loot where you can experiment with your skills. So, why not start with The Great Escape and embark your journey.



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