Back to School: Classroom Activities for Students to Cheer them up

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Back to school supplies have flooded stationery outlets and mall shops as schools are set to reopen after a long summer break in Hyderabad.  While children gear up to go back to school with the holiday nostalgia, you can cheer them up with fun classroom activities just at the beginning of your lesson plan book. Classroom activities for students amp up the engagement and problem-solving opportunities in your classroom. The trick is to get kids used to the tool so you can use it with any content without having to explain the rules over and over again.

The Great Escape is a great teaching tool as classroom activities for students. And yes, kids would love the unique students’ classroom activity. The problem is, you probably can’t just take all your students to an escape room as The logistics alone would be a nightmare.

But what you can do is create escape-style experiences in your school as classroom activities for students.

Choose a fun Objective:

Create narrative back to school classroom activities for students in which clues and puzzles require students to use the parallels you want them to learn or recount. Then make it a fun escape room activity.

These are boring objectives:

Write a 2000-word essay describing the poem that brought a positive impact on your life, or Prove that if a transversal cuts two parallel lines, then the corresponding angles are congruent.

These are great:

Students are production assistants on the Warner Bros. lot in 1954 and must find Elia Kazan’s missing shooting script for East of Eden before anyone discovers it’s missing, or Students must find a lost treasure in an abandoned mine using an old map and their knowledge of geometry.

Here are a few more examples, along with academic subjects that might be a good fit as back to school classroom activities for students.


  • Scientists must race the clock to find an antidote to a deadly bioagent (chemistry, social studies).
  • Detectives must solve a murder mystery (chemistry, social studies).
  • Archaeologists must find and destroy a cursed historical artifact (physics, history, geography).
  • Treasure hunters must escape from a cursed Egyptian tomb (history).
  • WWII spies must uncover a secret German or Soviet plot (history, geography).
  • Party guests must discover how Jay Gatsby made his fortune (literature).
  • Space explorers must avoid a collision with an asteroid (physics, astronomy).
  • Art thieves must steal the right set of paintings from a museum (art history).
  • Space station engineers must write a program that keeps the life support system online while repairs are made (computer science, physics).

Follow-Up after the Escape Room Classroom Activity:

Once the escape room classroom activities for students are over, they still serve as a learning tool.

Encourage cognitive awareness by quizzing students afterward on their – and their teams’ – performance during classroom activities for students. Ask them what they could have done differently to work faster or smarter. Allow them to examine their successes and failures and share their thoughts on both.

Additionally, you can show students how game tasks mirror actual job requirements in the real world to help them understand why what you’re teaching is relevant. In certain areas, this might also be a great way to introduce students to potential future career options through classroom activities for students.

To reinforce the critical thinking and problem-solving skills practiced in the classroom, set students a team assignment of making a short 10-minute escape room together.


Teachers today must contend with shorter attention spans and more potential distractions than ever before. It’s time to unleash your secret weapon: the combination lock!

Not only will you engage your students through these classroom activities, but you’re also likely to rekindle the spark that got you into teaching in the first place! Escape games are a surefire way to turn any classroom into a lively and positive learning environment through classroom activities for students. Students will enjoy learning, retain more, and – most importantly – take with them valuable skills that they’ll need when they reach adulthood. Can your students apply what they’re learning in practical scenarios?

It’s time to find out.


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