Best Places for Corporate Team Outings in Hyderabad

Best Places for Corporate Team Outings in Hyderabad

A desk job can be boring sometimes, 9-5 work with no enjoyment by any stretch of the imagination. Well, then folks let’s make this easier with some great outing option. As you are in a great city Hyderabad ensure that you investigate some places for the best corporate team outings in Hyderabad. These places serve as the most amazing treat for your whole team. Laugh, play and make your bonds with your colleagues as you enjoy a portion of the thrilling activities here. As the monsoons have entered and it is quite difficult to go out and have a proper corporate team outing, The Great Escape presents you four mysterious escape rooms to test your brains. To get respite from the dreariness and pressures of daily life, head out for recreational corporate team outings in Hyderabad at The Great Escape.

Each of the mystery rooms at The Great Escape is adored for team building activities and is best for a corporate team outings in Hyderabad. If you are still unacquainted with some of your teammates then folks break this and get a chance to know their strengths and weaknesses. The best thing is that a blend of adventure activities and team building can demonstrate the inward qualities which expand the profitability of the organizations. 

Here is the description for each of the adventurous rooms in The Great Escape

The Nizami Loot:

Set up in the Nizami’s era, the Nizami Loot escape room gives you all the reasons to spend an hour of your weekend at The Great Escape, Hyderabad. The story of Nizami Loot goes like this; On a night overcast by shadows of a high cliff, you’ve broken into the Nizami Palace to rob the most precious Nizami Necklace, the diamond necklace. Set up in a palace with the most ruthless security guards, you’ve only 60 mins to steal them blind with the Nizami Necklace. Dig into the clues, solve the puzzle and escape the room with The Nizami Necklace in 60 mins

The Pirate Chest:

Composed in the scenario of Alibaba and the forty thieves, The Pirate Chest encapsulates adventure and mystery in one hour. The escape room’s story revolves around this: The evil pirates buried the treasure in an arcane tomb while scavenging the Caribbean Sea. You and your team members are pirates and have been tipped off about the treasure. You enter the grave and come to know that you have 60 minutes to find the treasure and make it out of the tomb before it collapses. Together with your gang, battle as the world’s most treacherous pirates and get the treasure in 60 mins. Excavate through the rags find the riches.

The Crime Scene Investigation:

Built-up with an atmosphere that’ll get you goosebumps, The Crime Scene Investigation is the perfect place that’ll send chills down your spine. The storyline goes like this; Vikram Aditya collapses at a dinner party in his house. Everyone in the house is startled by his sudden death where his wise lawyer thinks there’s some wickedness behind this. Set in a house where suspicion is at every nook and corner, Vikramaditya’s lawyer has deployed you and your friends to find the culprit in 60 mins. Wear the detective cap, get into the escape room and ace the case.

The Forbidden Pyramid:

The Forbidden Pyramid allows you to explore through the lanes of Egypt as you find mummies, tombs and many more artifacts. The storyline goes like this:  You and your team of explorers have come across some artifacts that date back to the time of The Forbidden Pyramid. While searching for the artifacts, you enter The Forbidden Pyramid by chance and discover that the only way out is at the Pharoah’s core. Well, what’s at his core and how it’ll help you escape, you have to find out. According to an Egyptian Myth, a dark spell was cast on the Pharoah’s Pyramid. Do you have the courage to fend all the dark forces and escape in 60 mins?

Instead of searching for a perfect place for your corporate team outing in Hyderabad, visit The Great Escape and enjoy an hour of mystery, adventure, and suspense.

Now you know that there is no need to fear escape rooms. The next step is to book an escape room challenge at The Great Escape.Check out our challenges and pricing from our home page.

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