Embrace Escape Rooms this Christmas instead of loathing office parties

The Great Escape - Embrace Escape Rooms this Christmas instead of loathing office parties

Christmas is that magical time of the year when you’d like to enjoy with your loved ones but there is one thing you can’t help loathing about: OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTIES. Christmas parties at the workplace can be a well-earned chance to let off some steam but you’re always under the pressure of getting sloshed and letting out what you exactly think of your colleagues. The reason why most of the people hate to celebrate Christmas at office festive parties because of this risk of a corporate team building activity turning out to be an alcohol-fuelled obstacle. 

Not everyone in your office is fond of rolling eyes and gossips. And if you wanna hang out with such co-workers, why not ditch the conventional way of office festive parties in favor of an Escape room experience?

The idea is simple. Get your favorite group of co-workers and lock-up yourself in a room for 60 mins. Wanna get out of it? Crack the code and Escape the room.

Webbed in a series of cryptic clues, all you have to use is your common sense, the presence of time and a lot of teamwork. The way to your exit is just after you successfully achieve all these goals.

5 reasons for choosing Escape rooms over a team dinner or an office party

A BAG OF MEMORIES: Entering into the escape room is itself a thrilling team building experience, way entertaining than your corporate team building activity. Cracking codes and resolving riddles guarantees fun and giggles, the idea of an escape room is unique in relation to customary office Christmas festivities. A one hour of an amazing experience will free you and your coworkers from the office gossip at least till the New Year because you’ll talk will be filled with cherished memories.

DE-STRESS YOURSELF: Eventually, the point is to get away from a themed room using the clues the room gives you, but immersing yourselves completely in an intuitive and energizing escape room can offer splendid escapism from the worries of the outside world – extraordinary if your work is keeping you under pressure.

DITCH YOUR CONVENTIONAL CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES: Good relational abilities, tuning in, and cooperation is expected to prevail in escape room games (you’ll never solve the mystery if one person from your gathering keeps his strategy to himself!), so you and your co-workers will undoubtedly get closer because of playing.

GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS AHEAD!: For people who are always up to capturing candid photographs, escape rooms provide a great opportunity to them with the help of props and accessories. You’ll never get a place like this to click photos like this.

HEALTHY COMPETITION: All of The Great Escape rooms, namely The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation usually hold up to 6 people, so you can compete with the other group of your colleagues to see you can escape the fastest!

The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

Book one of our Escape rooms now and May the best escapees win! “The Great Escape”

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