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The summer might have only just finished, but the Christmas party planning season is already underway! Well, at The Great Escape, we can’t wait to spread some of that festive cheer! Whether you’re planning a work Christmas party, a team-building event, or just a Christmas celebration with friends, TGE Escape Rooms is the perfect choice for you.

Christmas and New Year is that time of the year when every part of you goes into a celebration mode. Almost the entire world is celebrating as we say b-bye to the past year and welcome the new one. There’s something so surreal and pure about this time of the year – that bittersweet feeling of letting a year go and embracing a new one!

Christmas Party Places for Corporates

It’s not only individuals who go through these emotions but corporates too – and why not, after all, a corporate is made of people and it gets its character with the people that are in it. Many companies are looking to do something special for their teams like hosting a Christmas party or a New Year party to give that motivational boost for the next year and a sense of gratitude for the past year.

Escape rooms are one the best options for team building events with colleagues being required to work together, communicate and problem solve to complete a common goal. All five of our escape rooms last for up to an hour and we can host up to 30 players in one round of games. Teamwork is something that we strive to create for our groups here at TGE Escape games. It is a very useful tool for helping groups escape, as opposed to everyone working individually to try to solve puzzles. This Christmas and New Year is the perfect time for your friends and family to gather together to work on their team-building skills. Celebrate Christmas with an Escape Game!

Discover how well you and your family, friends, and colleagues work as a team this holiday season at The Great Escape! We would love to hear about how your holidays are going and how you worked as a team. With all the fun you’re sure to have, we would love for you to come back and see us more than once this holiday season as well! The games are booking quick so be sure to make your reservation online or by phone today!

The Great Escape has a wide range of escape rooms that boost your team-building spirit, check out the prices and book an escape room today. 

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