How Escape Room Games for Couples can bring out the Compatibility in them

The Great Escape - How Escape Room Games for Couples can bring out the Compatibility in them

Priya and Vashisht met each other at a dating site and it is their first date. Vashisht wanted the date to be unique and be imprinted on their minds for a long time. So, he planned date by playing games for couples at The Great Escape Hyderabad. What they both noticed after playing the game was that high pressure on the minds for an hour could actually test their compatibility as escape rooms for couples bring out their compatibility, their fears, successes, and their take on situations under pressure.

Vashist knew that Priya had the ability to collect the clues and serve well in the adventure, but what he was worried about snapping onto each other while time was running out. And the lady was worried about things turning out ugly if they couldn’t escape the room.

Let’s have a look at how an escape room in The Great Escape could bring out the compatibility factor in a couple.


As soon as they entered, Vashisht started directing Priya about the game and hence, formed a strategy. They split up into two and started collecting the clues and solving them. “Even though we had different opinions about how to unlock the mystery, we decided on hearing each other out for we had to solve it together in an hour’s time. ”Said Priya. This eventually helped them out to crack the code because solving nonverbal puzzles needs several trial and error sessions.

How did an escape room help the couple here? They found out that every person has his/her version of approaching to and solving a problem and each person’s ideas and thoughts should be listened to.


“I’m a short-tempered person and Priya isn’t but I had to control my temper at times because there wasn’t so much time to get hot under the collar. We could’ve lost the game,” added Vashist.

Escape rooms can blow your fuse away with that limited amount of time you’re provided and especially when your partner is beating his/her brains out to crack the code. In such a case, losing your temper will not only waste your time there but also ruin the budding relationship with your partner.

Escape rooms teach couple one of the most important things about being in a relationship. To be patient with each other and not to be hard on the other when he/she makes mistakes.


One cannot be good at everything. Being in a relationship means completing each other. What one lacks in should be fulfilled with the other’s abundance. And this is shown in that 60 mins journey of the escape room.

There were times when Priya was cracking the code and Vashist was entering them into the combination locks. What they discovered after the game was each had his/her own skill set and if that could be used wisely, it can lead to a major advantage in any of the works in the future.


In an escape room, you have to rely on each other and throw your ideas out even if do not end up winning the game, because, ultimately, it is you against the escape room. It is a non-judgment zone there and the only option you have is to trust each other to get out of the escape room.

Priya and Vashist were lost in time at The Great Escape. Because they were in it together, they were willing to rely on each other decisions and trust each other without any judgments. “We had to believe that we were doing our best to unlock the mystery of the escape room since that boosted our confidence more, ” said Vashist.

In such a significant number of ways, an escape room encounter is similar to a marriage or a relationship. On a lot of days, it resembles your accomplice and you against the world endeavoring to unravel the riddle that is the reality. Experience with the escape room gives a chance to deal with a considerable measure of skills that are required for a genuine relationship, and, as a result, ,you’re left with an expanded feeling of trust in your relationship and capacity to function as a couple. Regardless of whether you and your accomplice can get away from the room in the stipulated time, you’d, in the end, concur that if you’d be “lost in time,” there’s nobody else you’d rather be with.

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