How to cope up with Fear and Anxiety in Escape rooms

The Great Escape - How to cope up with Fear and Anxiety in Escape rooms

A common misconception is that Escape Rooms are scary. The idea of being locked in an escape room is pretty scary to most people. Most claustrophobic people are a victim to fear and anxiety in escape rooms and cannot entertain the idea. But Escape Rooms are not a confined space. It is a place to have fun with friends, family or workmates as you try to solve puzzles and escape. Some escape rooms have scary themes, the room description so you can avoid them if you choose to.

You will not have time for fear

What brings fear and anxiety in escape rooms is focusing on the fact that you do not have a way out. But, in an escape room, you focus on solving the puzzles to escape the room such that you stop thinking about being locked up. And, you are only in the room for one hour. So there just is no time to fear. As soon as you are in the room, start looking for hints and clues. If you lose focus, fear might creep in, and you will not be able to escape before time runs out.

The room is not locked

Spoiler alert – No, one locks an escape room. In case of an emergency, there is a button you can press, and the game organizers will open the room. The game organizers care about the safety of their customers and will respond quickly to remove someone suffering a panic attack. The progress of the game will not be affected as the rest of the team can continue planning their escape. But because you know you are safe you should not be a victim of fear and anxiety in escape rooms.

You are around people you know

Locked spaces are scarier when you are alone or with strangers. Fortunately, an escape room is a group thing, not a single player game. You enter the room as a group. Probably your teammates are family members, friends or workmates. These are people you should feel comfortable around as they have your best interests at heart. Please note that you are not competing against anyone. Even if you entered the room with strangers, all of you are working to accomplish the same goal. That familiarity that the teammates bring should give you comfort and put you at ease.

You need not be a genius

No one likes trying something and failing. Luckily, you do not need Albert’s Einstein’s brain to look for hints and clues to solve the puzzles in our escape rooms. These challenges have difficulty levels. If fear and anxiety in escape room creep in, book the more comfortable rooms; each room has a difficulty rating. Remember, you can ask for a hint from the game master. You should appreciate the fact that you cannot always escape the room in time. If it were that easy, then it wouldn’t be fun.

Conquer your fears in our escape rooms!

Now you know that there is no need for fear and anxiety in escape rooms. The next step is to book an escape room challenge at The Great Escape. Check out our challenges and pricing from our home page.

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