How Escape rooms help you learn business through team building activities

The Great Escape - How Escape rooms help you learn business through team building activities

An escape room experience is a fun and unique way to create alchemy in a group thereby enhancing your team building through various team building activities. Whether you have experienced it as a corporate team or not, there are many ways an escape room can help in learning business lessons. Read below to know how escape rooms can be the best team building activities.

Team building: Know your role

Teamwork is the most vital takeaway one can get from an escape room experience. There is a difference between great and poor collaboration and that lies in the knowledge of your role in the game. 
Let’s say, you and seven colleagues are in an escape room. Using pieces of information, you have one hour to get out of the room.

In this scenario, you may end up in one of those two extraordinary situations:

1. Everyone wants to be the leader: It could be that everybody is instructing the others, or that everyone is taking a gander at similar signs.

2. Nobody is assuming responsibility:  No collaboration is present, and each player is trying an alternate way without sharing data.

Ideally, you need each player to take up a specific job and be great at it. You don’t need such a large number of cooks in the kitchen, yet you require a couple of key individuals to provide some guidance. Great collaboration will be necessary, yet you additionally need to ensure everybody is playing a job to the best of their capacities:

1. An official could allocate tasks to other colleagues, and unite data.

2. An advertiser could be inventive if finding better approaches to decipher pieces of  information

3. An IT individual may concentrate on the best utilization for the different props in the room, be it opening locks or translating pieces of information.

4. Sales reps could concentrate on checking everything including the dividers and yell out any number or letter blend for Support to open the locks.

Rules always don’t mean to be followed

Still, many people stall out into escape rooms a similar way they stall out in business: They play by the rules. 

Thinking outside the box takes an exacting sense when you’re a gathering of 8 experts stuck in a little room intended to divert you from the correct way:

 1. Is this a piece of information, or only a diversion? 
 2. Do you need to find the key to this lock, or is it a trap?

Distraction and disruption are the challenges you face every day in business. The focus is something you need to train if you want to get things done. Getting things done is one thing, but prioritizing is another. Being in an escape room forces you to face the importance of making good choices quickly through team building activities. So here’s the place the parallel between escape rooms and business ends up fascinating and paradoxical:

You don’t need to open every secured lock in front of you, a large portion of them are baits. Rationale and logic are pivotal in business, yet you’re frequently given an excessive number of alternatives. Just the ones that can combine rationale, instinct, and creativity will succeed.

It takes plenty of guts to state no to diversion and spotlight on a plainly characterized way. In the long run, you will fail, however that approach will set you aside in a place you want to be rather than being deadened by such a large number of decisions.

The Obstacle Is The Way

Escape rooms are an extraordinary way to accelerate the lessons you get from reality. You will experience first hand that those who fail are those who DO. Doing is the best way to learn in team building activities. You will fail as a group, however more critically, you will wind up being aware of the stuff to get back on track and push ahead. You will understand the procedure isn’t tied in with beginning things; it’s tied in with wrapping up. Completing games. Completing blocks. Completing projects.

Every lock in an escape room represents an obstacle your business might be facing. The secret to success in team building activities is to see every obstacle as a proof that you are on the right path, and also as an opportunity to practice some virtue: patience, courage, humility, resourcefulness, reason, justice, and creativity.

Most groups feel like they have discarded of all choices inside the initial 20 minutes of being stuck in that room. The ones that can see past their first idea bias and escape that thinking loop make it out on time.

An accelerated variant of reality

Bad companies are destroyed by the crisis. Good companies survive the crisis. Great companies are improved by the crisis. Escape rooms are an extraordinary way to find out about the dynamics of your group and experience what an emergency would look like, without the repercussion of the present reality.

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