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Attempting to plan the best birthday surprise for your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend? Looking for some good surprise party ideas? Bring the birthday boy or girl to The Great Escape, Hyderabad. Our unique immersive escape games are sure to be a hit and will give the party guest something to talk about for the rest of the day. It is the ultimate surprise party activity!

Why will your loved one have a blast at the surprise birthday party you’re organizing?

  • It is a birthday surprise idea that transcends the ages and sexes. 
  • Not everyone will have played before as escape games are such a new trend that only a lucky handful of people have been able to experience. An escape game surprise birthday party would be a very unique experience for all.
  • It is an unforgettable experience. “Hey, remember that time we were locked in a room for 60 minutes with only frustrating puzzles to help us find the way out? That was fun!”
  • Your escape game birthday surprise doesn’t have to be where it stops. You can make it a new tradition and come back to play different games and see how well you compare to other teams.
  • While the game is mostly for adults, you will be giggling like a child.
  • Panic in a scary room or just enjoy the thrill of having to work out the solutions.
  • It makes for a great surprise event. If you are considering booking an escape room for a  birthday surprise to your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend you could keep the surprise right up until the last minute. Blindfold him/her and have everyone meet you in the escape room. What a great present! 

What happens at the Escape Room Birthday Surprise?

The birthday guest of honor i.e; the player will be blindfolded as he/she arrives at a nondescript door and then heads into the old, spooky underground station. He/she is sure to be confused about what’s about to happen. The player is given a mission and placed into a themed room where he/she must explore to find hints and clues. These may include a container that needs a passcode to open or a lock that needs a key. After searching hard enough, the player can figure out passcodes, open all the locks, find hidden items, and ultimately free yourself. And that’s not the end! There’s a birthday surprise waiting for him/her as he/she leads to the exit of the escape room. After the player successfully escapes, lights are switched off to create a scary feeling and then BOOM! your birthday guest of honor would be having the best birthday surprise ever. 

Which room is the best for planning a surprise birthday party?

This is one of the most common questions when searching for birthday party ideas. Over the years that we have been opened, we have seen seasoned players lose a statistically easier room and first-time teenagers win the hardest room their first time ever. It is really up to you and what theme most appeals to your birthday guest of honor. You really cannot go wrong with any room, because they are all challenging and incredibly fun!

All of our games have a different theme that comes with a backstory, which the player then figures out as they advance. Our diverse games range from a pirate chest robbery to a deadly crime scene investigation, and from the mysterious lanes of Egypt to the era of the Nizams. You’ll find that all of our games are a blast! 

Live an unforgettable experience, celebrating your loved ones’ birthday by playing in one or more of our live escape rooms and offer a unique experience your guests! If you wish to surprise your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, do not hesitate, contact us and we will help you to prepare the best birthday surprise ever!

Now you know that there is no need to fear escape rooms. The next step is to book an escape room challenge at The Great Escape.Check out our challenges and pricing from our home page.

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