The Next Big Thing in School Outings Ideas for Students

The Great Escape - The Next Big Thing in School Outings Ideas for Students

Escape rooms for school students are the new gaming trend these days, but how can it be the best of school outing ideas for students? We’ve all experienced it (in fact, some of us are still there); idly sitting at our desks bored out of our minds, staring aimlessly at the clock as it ticks away and waiting to escape the room to the games period. Our teacher speaking in a monotone, mostly a discussion to which we never responded and waited for bell’s gong.

We did play a lot of outdoor games in our childhood and if we found them appealing with the right company, we would be out playing for hours at a stretch. Games like Kho-Kho, Lock n’ Key, Dumbsharas and Hide n’ Seek were the school outing ideas we could think of. Even though cricket was the most popular sport played across the country and we enjoyed it, we did have our personal favorites.

Ever thought of playing Hide n’ Seek in a locked room? Does being locked in a room for a specified time during which you must escape using teamwork, puzzle solving and communication sound intriguing? Have you ever visited an escape room or heard of these physical adventure games? If your answer is yes, then keep reading because you may want to learn how this popular game can be one of the best school outing ideas!

How Escape Room Games Benefit School Students

All learning styles covered

Escape room games for children can be designed with elements that simultaneously serve visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Critical thinking

In addition to reinforcing subject matter expertise, escape games for high school students encourage critical thinking, competing, achieving, teamwork and communication skills, all of which are key to surviving in today’s world.


Timed challenges grab and keep students’ attention much better than lectures and other classroom games and other outdoor activities.

Students will love this stuff

Escape games involve elements that are similar to solving puzzles and role-playing games. This results in student participation, opportunity to compete and generating Intrinsic Motivation to Learn.


Some students may emerge as leaders through competitive escape room games. This allows you to seek out constructive ways to leverage their peer authority to improve classroom dynamics.

Blooms Taxonomy

Escape games move students past knowledge and comprehension into the application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Problem Solving

Linear and non-linear gameplay can serve as a practical, hands-on demonstration of the logic principles. This helps to program computers, a skill young people can begin learning at any age.

Be on the cutting edge

Escape rooms for school students are one of the latest, and most exciting, brain-based team experiences around.

Students use the knowledge they gain in the classroom to set and accomplish goals, solve problems, communicate effectively, think outside of boxes. Eventually, they’ll be courageous and confident as they make their way into adulthood.

A single puzzle can combine kinetic learning, spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and teamwork into format kids love.

The Great Escape can be one of the best school outing ideas if you’re for an exciting adventure. The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

Book one of our Escape rooms now and May the best escapees win!

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