Unite your team with these unique team building activities

The Great Escape - Unite your team with these unique team building activities

Team Building has been the central part of any corporate office since long. And the super boring usual team building activities are always up in the minds of your team leader, isn’t it? For team building, which is such an integral part of working at a corporate office, why satisfy yourself with the usual team building activities that result in nothing else but rolling eyes and office gossip? No one wants to hear a displeased employee saying “Not this dumb game anymore. ” Wanna ace as the team leader and make all eyes turn towards you? Here is the list of some insanely fun team building activities for corporate, your teammates would love and give your company, a competitive edge.




If the game is among 5-6 participants, then you can do it singularly; otherwise, you can split up into groups of 3-6 and play this. All you have to do is empty all your pockets and gather all the coins together. Make sure each participant/group has the equal number of coins with them. Next, you are given 5-10 mins time to create a logo of your own. You can use other items you have handy such as pens, notebooks, etc. After the creation of the logo, a member of the group can solitarily explain the motive and what led to the logo.

This game not only promotes self and mutual awareness but also lets the employees know each other at a personal level.


TIME REQUIRED: 5-10 mins


All you have to complete this hilarious team building activity are a few pencils, strings, and a water bottle.

This fun amusement breaks the strain inside the gathering and takes into consideration extraordinary one-on-one holding. To do the pencil drop, tie one of the closures of both the stings at the eraser-end of the pencil and tie the staying two open finishes around the abdomen of two colleagues confronting their backs to one another.

Instruct that they move back and back to let down the pencil into the water bottle set on the floor underneath. The member match isn’t permitted to utilize hands, and this should be possible as an independent fun test or diverse sets can do this in the meantime as a race.




Escape rooms are nowadays becoming the trend in team building activities for corporate. Escape rooms are the best way to overcome stress and build a strong bond among your teammates. There are various other reasons why escape rooms are suitable for team building. Escape rooms make you dive profound into the enigma and solve it within a limited period. You are locked in a dark room, with a set of clues which you have to crack within an hour and escape the room. Escape rooms let you analyze your employees, their strengths and weaknesses.


TIME REQUIRED: 15-20 mins


Despite the fact this team building activity is a bit demanding on the logistics front, Spider Web is an excellent team building activity for corporate. With its capacity to influence the gathering of individuals to learn effective exercises in tirelessness, collaboration, initiative, support, and trust, Spider Web makes for an astounding team building activity.

A web is constructed using a  large chunk of string and channel tape, between a settled shaft-like object.

Each group gets the point when a member goes through a gap of the weaved web without contacting the string. When a specific opening is moved by somebody, he/she gets disqualified. This requires strategizing concerning the group in regards to the well being of various sections for various colleagues.

So, which one of the four games attracts you the most. Why not try each one of them? Well, if you want to book an escape room for an adventurous team building activity, The Great Escape is here to provide you with such enigma. Book an escape room at thegreatescape.in

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