Why Escape Rooms are the Best for Families

The Great Escape - Why Escape Rooms are the Best for Families

An escape room is an adventure game designed for small groups. This strategic game is sure to test your mental limits at your family outings. You and your team have to work together to decipher clues, overcome challenges, and find your way out of a locked room in less than 60 minutes. This fun, interactive, puzzle game is perfect for many occasions be it family outings too. Escape Rooms are great for a family outing idea, corporate outing, team building activity, or even a first date.

Are you looking to extend the celebration of Diwali, Pongal or any other festival? Read on for the top reasons why you should plan an escape room party for a family outing.

What Is So Great About Escape Room Games?

As described above, humans are entertained by The Great Escape’s drama-centered events and problem-solving puzzles. The escape room game emulates this insatiable need to be the hero within an allotted period.

Each room is designed to test your mental strength, work as a team with people you may or may not know, and, ultimately, ring in success by escaping the room with time to spare. Participants in The Great Escape game will use hints, clues, and riddles at hand to break out of the room.

Cost Friendly

Let’s face it: Hosting Family Outings is expensive

You have to worry about buying presents for guests and paying for food and beverages which doesn’t even count the cost incurred by booking an event or planning activity. Think about the costs associated with every day festive party activities. The price of sporting events live shows, and group dinners can add up fast. It’s no surprise that the average festival party costs upwards of 20,000-40,000 INR but, you don’t have to break the bank to plan a fun party.

An escape room family party is a budget-friendly alternative to an expensive outing. The only cost you have to worry about is the price of admission. Tickets are affordable and usually cost between 400 and 800 INR per person. The pricing structure should help you spend more on gifts, food, or additional activities.

No Restrictions “You must be this tall to ride.”

These dreaded words have ruined their fair share of kid’s birthday parties. Height requirements aren’t the only restrictions but, you have to worry about when planning a birthday party.

What if you’re planning on a night of bar hopping with friends? We all know what happens to that one person who is under 21. There are myriad restrictions that can put a damper on even the best family outings. Family outings can have restrictions on age, weight, diet, and health.

You don’t need to worry about restrictions at an escape room party. The Great Escape is for people of all ages and skill levels. There’s no prerequisite for playing the game. All you need is a curious mind and a sense of adventure. The Great Escape is for anyone age 12 and up. If anyone in your party is under 17, you need to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Kids under 14 must have a parent or guardian present. Parties with kids under 12 can call ahead to learn more about special accommodations.


There’s no shortage of fun family party activities. But how many of them actually involve teamwork? You can improve your ability to work with others during an escape room family party. You and your team will work together to achieve a common goal. This interactive event will teach you how to overcome adversity, work well with others, and have fun doing it, furthermore, you and your teammates will have to band together to get out of a trapped space.

You and your team will learn more about working together in a pressure-filled situation. Afterward, you can debrief, celebrate, and revel in your successes. If you’re looking to commemorate in the evening you can also buy a team photo after you escape the room.

Something Different

If you are looking to do something different for your family then look no further than an escape room party.

Escape games first gained popularity in Japan and have only recently surfaced in the United States. Popular video games like Zelda and Myst have inspired the escape room movement. These games let you live out a first-person video game challenge. In a few short years, escape parties have gone from obscure to the mainstream. They’re growing in popularity at a rapid rate.

No one wants to have a boring family get together. Escape rooms are still relatively new, meaning many in your group will be trying this game for the first time. This unique game offers a new kind of entertainment. There’s never a dull moment in an escape room. It’s an action-packed activity that will leave you breathless and exhilarated.


You have 60 minutes to escape your room. Those 60 minutes are jam-packed with obstacles and pressure-filled situations.

When the clock strikes zero, however, a sense of accomplishment will greet you. You and your team can enjoy a feeling of shared success. Yes, escape rooms can be challenging. But you don’t have to worry about not making it out of the room. The room will make more sense as time unfolds. You also get three hints to help you get back on the track to success. These hints should help move you in the right direction to a victory.

Group Activity

Escape rooms so popular for family outings because it’s fun, cheap, rewarding, and unique. One of the main reasons for their popularity, however, is that they are specifically designed for groups, besides, no one can escape the room without working with others.

Escape rooms are specially tailored for small groups of intimate friends or family, however, you don’t have to worry about random people interfering with the fun. You can book the entire room for your time slot.

Your Escape Room Family Outing

Your epic family outing awaits. Escape rooms are becoming a go-to family party event for anyone with a sense of adventure. This one-of-a-kind experience is a fun-filled experience for anyone looking to spice up their family outing. You can grow closer to your family members, conquer a challenge, and even save money by booking an escape room. You will remember your party for many family get-togethers to come.

Are you interested in booking an escape room for your next family outing? The Great Escape is the answer. The Great Escape is a literal description of a complicated endeavor. The versatility of themed mystery games like The Nizami Loot, The Pirate Chest, The Haunted Hour, The Crime Scene Investigation gift you with a whole lot of novel experiences in just 60 mins. Each room gives you a unique experience which makes your mind blow.

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