8 Common Things People Shouldn’t Pack for a Trek

If you wanna see how high you can climb, you have to let go of what weighs you down.

A simple law that works very well in life. But stands equally true when you go on a trekking trip. The most common observation we have made is that a lot many trekkers get tired because they are unable to carry their heavy backpack. With oxygen depletion and exhaustion seeping your energy, your backpack feels a lot heavier than what it weighs right now.

But that’s the catch. Your backpack is not supposed to weigh heavy at all, technically. What makes it heavy is the unnecessary stuff you end up packing.

So here’s a checklist of stuff you shouldn’t be packing in your backpack. Make sure you don’t forget anything!

1. No Accessories

All of us love to flaunt the best of our wardrobe. But not the wisest choice when on a trekking trip. So leave your matching scarves and mufflers for some other occasions. Carry maybe just one if it’s actually for warmth and not for accessorizing.

2. No Fashion Jackets

May it be your super cool leather biker jacket or you drop dead gorgeous fur coat, don’t pack it. Firstly because it’s just gonna add weight and occupy a chunky amount of space in your backpack. Secondly, it’s totally unsuitable attire when you have to walk for hours together. So take clothes that are going to keep you warm and are completely comfortable. Plus I hardly think you’d want to sacrifice your beloved jackets to the unyielding terrains for forever.

3. No Extra Footwear

You’ll hardly need that additional pair of flip-flops or sandal or leisure-wear. You’ll be spending your almost entire day in your shoes. And even if you do need a pair then try taking a common pair among 2-3 of you. Funnily, this will also help you understand what it is to be in someone’s shoes flip-flops.

4. Divide and Rule

Medical kit, tablets, deodorants, cold cream, sunscreen, toothpaste (not toothbrush!) and other paraphernalia, are things that you and your friend can share. Instead of all of you carrying everything, divide the list among yourselves and plan accordingly. Sharing is caring na!

5. Multiutility Funda

Basically, try cutting down on things by finding multiple use for the same thing. You can use your face wash to wash everything and anything. So don’t carry a separate soap or handwash or whatever. Get a cold cream-sunscreen combo so that you don’t have to carry two separate tubes. You get the point, right?!

6. No Snacks

If you are planning your trip with us, The Great Escape Adventures, we’ll provide you with 3 meals a day and fruit on the go. You can carry a couple of chocolates or toffees or fruit-chews or dry fruits to munch on the way.  Other than that leave all the crunchies and munchies out. Even if you are a voracious eater, the altitude is surely gonna kill your hunger. So don’t worry you won’t die of starvation, promise.

7. No Backups

No backups ka backups. We tend to carry extra clothes, things whatever, keeping in mind ‘just in case’ or ‘what ifs’. It hardly makes sense to carry extra pounds for a situation that might and mostly would never arise. So carry just the very basic, cut down on everything else. And god forbid, if your ‘what if’ and ‘just in case’ situation does come true, you’ll have a wonderful adventure story to tell. Plus what are we therefor, after all!

8. No Electronics

I know in this technology-driven generation, electronics are the basis for survival. But let go of that load, literally and metaphorically both. Take a power bank only if you are gonna use your mobile to click photographs. Otherwise its pretty much useless. And as for a camera or a DSLR, carry it if you are truly a keen photographer. Other than that leave your smartphones and gadgets and speakers out, it’s a temporary bliss.

In a nutshell, take a minimalistic approach whilst you pack your backpack. It should look like a survival’s kit rather than a luxurious vacation suitcase. Leave behind all the excess luggage, from your life, from the office, from your work, from your backpack and only then begin your climb.


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