Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Duration: 6 Days/ 5 Nights

Kolahoi Glacier is worshipped by the locals as the Goddess of Light. Much affected by climate change in the past years, this beauty is the source of river Lidder. The trek takes you close to this glacier in the Himalayas. It is a lovely winding route midst tall coniferous trees of the altitude. The route is not commercialized at all but holds the potential of being a loved trekking and camping destination.

The route is filled with enchanting waterfalls, small and wide streams, and serene lakes. The calm and splendour of the Dudhsar Lake leave one captivated. The Kolahoi Pass Trek is awaiting your fervor and vitality. It is one of its kind opportunity. Cottony clouds, awe-striking lake, and streams with boulders and gravels in their dawdling flow of water that you would love to step on right away are all on this route.

Kolahoi Glacier Trek is the perfect way to spend time in the valley of Kashmir so pore over your schedule today, a circle that one week you can leisure in, call all your friends and book your seat on The Great Escape Adventures at the earliest possible. Kolahoi Pass trek along with the guidance of The Great Escape Adventures is something that you will cherish throughout your lifetime. The Great Escape Adventures is loaded with experienced guides and trek assistants who work endlessly to make your trekking experience the best experience of your life.