Salnai Lashnai Trek

Duration: 4 Days/ 5 Nights

If you have been meaning to get away from the city life, from the workplace, from your home, or maybe even the people around you then Salnai Lashnai trek has got to be the smoothest escape of all your options. Where else can you find some of the most beautiful meadows of Kashmir, complementing weather, rich cultural topography, drool-worthy picturesque landscapes, and absolutely minimal crowd? At Salnai Lashnai Trek of course! There is absolutely no match to it when it comes to being serene, overwhelmingly beautiful, and just equally unexplored and unexploited.

This trek is lesser-known and generally still less opted for by tourists, although at the same time it remains a top priority amongst offbeat trekking enthusiasts since it unfolds into a rich package of thrill, mood, and colors. There is room for just about the right amount of adrenaline spikes, emotional voyage, and of course feasts to the eyes. The entire trek is an example of nature’s unbelievably beautiful intricacy. There is a blend of meadows, valleys, alpine lakes, and mountain ranges as if someone very carefully crafted this place into a mesmerizing piece of land full of surprises. The Shalnai Lashnai Trek is worth way more than the appreciation and validation that it has received so far. It is truly an epitome of beauty and solace; a perfect hideout for spending some quality time in your own company and for simply existing in the realm of wild nature. The Salnai Lashnai Trek marks its beginning from the village of Naranag in Kashmir. The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir is undoubtedly a pack of various wholesome experiences that more than often birth beautiful emotions in you.