Forclaz 1 Ultra-Compact Trekking Pole MT200 – Black


The outcome of a long development process with enthusiastic, demanding trekkers, we have created this durable pole to support you on your long hikes Going hiking or trekking and need to carry your poles easily and be sure they’re built to last? This model is the most compact and sturdy in the range.


The Design
Fully designed and validated by our team at the foot of Mont Blanc, a team with enthusiastic and demanding trekkers, during legendary treks: Mont Blanc, Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Tenerife. The pole’s durability has also been tested by a 550 km mission test in the Canaries and the Pyrenees (GR10).
Directions for Use
These hiking poles are designed to help you balance, propel yourself and spread the effort between arms and legs. To increase safety, check your pole’s locking mechanism by pressing down hard on it before you start and at regular intervals. If you notice that your pole tends to slide down, the locking mechanism turn ring needs adjusting. Open the lever and tighten the turn ring by a quarter or half turn. Do not attach to your backpack in stormy weather


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