Forclaz Self-Inflating Trekking Mattress – TREK 500 L Blue


The designers, all trekking enthusiasts, created this mattress to insulate you from the ground and to sleep while trekking or bivouacking.. 820 g. 180 x 52 x 3 cm. Self-inflating mattress, comfortable and compact.



The Principle of a Self-Inflating Mattress
A self-inflating mattress consists of an airtight envelope glued to an open cell foam in which the air circulates. When you unfold the mattress, it will return to its original shape and thickness (3 cm for the trek 500 mattress) and fill with air accordingly. However, it requires some mouth inflation so you can adjust it to the pressure level suitable for you. Self-inflation is more or less noticeable depending on the thickness of the mattress.
Easy Inflation/Deflation
When using your mattress for the first time, unroll it, open the valve for 24 hours on a flat surface, then inflate it and leave it for 24 hours, valve closed, under pressure. Then you can store it away again. While trekking, take out and unroll your mattress as soon as you set up camp, valve open to facilitate pre-inflation. A self-inflating mattress inflates to about 60 to 70% on its own. You will need to blow up the rest yourself, so you can adjust the pressure to your desired comfort level.
Thermal Protection and Heat
Since the beginning of 2020, a new standard has been validated to assess the level of insulation of your mattress: standard ASTM F3340-18. This standard measures the capacity of the mattress to retain or return body heat in order to avoid its loss and therefore provide you with thermal comfort. Thermal insulation thanks to the foam. R-Value standard ASTM F3340-18 mattress Trek 500 self-inflating: 2.7 (measured by an independent laboratory)
Thermal Properties and Warmth (2)
The R-value expresses the thermal performance and resistance of the mattress. The higher the R-Value, the more the mattress insulates you from the cold ground. – R-value from 0 to 1.9: mattress designed for use in warm season (summer) only – from 2 to 3: mattress design for use in 2 or 3 seasons (spring/summer/autumn) – from 3 to 4: 4 season mattress, winter use possible – higher than 4.5: winter use and extreme conditions



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