Quechua Camping tent MH100 XL – 3-Person – Fresh &Black


First night camping? The designers eco-designed this 3-person tent with porches that is simple and easy to pitch. Thanks to its free-standing dome structure, it can be moved to the required location after it has been deployed. The porches can be used to store belongings in order to free up space for sleeping



The Fresh & Black Technology keeps the inside of your Tent Cooler and Darker
Cooler and darker for better sleep! Fresh & Black is a technology patented by Decathlon that allows us to reflect the sun’s rays and insulate from the light thanks to specific materials. This reduces the sensation of heat in the tent and makes it darker. To get the most out of this technology, don’t forget to ventilate your tent at night!
Pitching and Striking the Tent
This tent has a classic dome structure. All you have to do is fit the tent poles with the bedroom, and then fit the flysheet on top. Then, you have to add the 3rd tent pole for the storage area. To strike the tent, the process is the same, but in reverse.
Mattress Compatibility
Recommended tent with a self-inflating mattress or trekking mattress up to 65 cm wide. We do not recommend using inflatable mattresses, that are more than 8 cm thick, in this tent. Indeed, this greatly reduces the volume inside the tent and increases condensation inside.
Ventilation of the Tent
So that air can flow and be replaced between the bedroom and the flysheet, and eliminate the natural condensation as much as possible, the tent has 1 air vent at the top, 2 mechanical air vents at the sides and 1 inner door with a mesh upper section.
Waterproofing of the Tent
All our tents are validated in the laboratory and in the field to guarantee the waterproofing. To do this, we put the entire tent under a 200 L/h shower for 3 hours. The flysheet is made of 2000mm Schmerber PU-coated polyester and the groundsheet is made of 120g/m² polyethylene. All the seams are sealed with thermobonded tape.
Wind Resistance
We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable to expose each side to the wind. A well-assembled tent with all the guy ropes properly deployed around the tent should remain habitable with a wind speed measured at 40 km/h near the ground (Force 5).
What does the Product Contain?
– 1 bedroom – 1 waterproof flysheet – 3 tent poles (2 black tent poles for the bedroom and 1 turquoise tent pole for the flysheet) – 12 tent pegs – 4 guy lines – 1 bag


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