Quechua Camping Tent with Poles Arpenaz 4.2 – 4 People – 2 Bedrooms


The camper designers have eco-designed this Arpenaz 4.2 pole tent for four campers who want two separate bedrooms and a spacious living area. Our motivation? To offer you an easy-pitching tent with a stand-up living area. The two bedrooms are perfect for your camping trips with family or friends!



Living Room and Bedroom
3.5 sqm living area with a height of 1.90 m. This tent is fitted with a basin groundsheet at the entrance which can be folded up in the event of rainy conditions and 8 pockets in the living room (2 pockets on the outside of each bedroom too).The 2 bedrooms in this tent are intended to accommodate a maximum of two 70 cm wide mattresses.
Pitching and Dismantling
There are four poles to insert into their corresponding sleeves. There are colour codes to help you. We recommend that 2 people pitch the tent.
Sun Protection
The flysheet fabric has UPF 30 sun protection. Caution: be careful, as a large amount of UV rays can get in through a simple open door.
The ventilated flysheet on the living area airs the room and reduces condensation inside your tent. High ventilation hatches are also provided at the front and back of the tent, along with high mosquito nets on the door and at the back of the bedroom.
Wind Resistance
We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable. The aim is to expose each side of our tent to the same wind intensity. Properly pitched, with the guy ropes deployed, this tent remains habitable in wind speed 6, measured at 50 km/h.
We test our tents to validate their waterproofing. The first test is done in the laboratory, 3 hours under 200 litres of water per hour per sqm, the equivalent of tropical rain of 200 mm per hour. The second test is done in the field under real-life conditions by our teams. This tent is fitted with a polyurethane-coated polyester flysheet measuring 2,000 mm. It also has seams that have been waterproofed with heat-sealed strips, and a 140 g/sqm polyethylene groundsheet.


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