Secure File Sharing for Business Operations

File sharing is an essential business function that enables employees to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and other partners on projects. Unsecured files can make businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks. This could lead to costly data breaches as well as irreparable reputation damage.

Secure File Sharing

It’s now more crucial than ever to keep your company’s data secure during transport. There are a variety of file transfer options available, however many don’t have built-in security which makes it more difficult for hackers to access sensitive data.

Emailing attachments transfer files using physical drives and using personal messaging programs for collaboration are all traditional methods of sharing files. These methods, however lack the security necessary to protect against malicious actors who can gain access to your company’s private information and then sell it on the Dark Web.

A trusted file sharing service will encrypt files to prevent unauthorized access. Encryption converts the file’s plaintext into ciphertext, which cannot be converted back to its original state using the proper key. The more secure the encryption algorithm is, the more difficult for unauthorized users to decrypt your file.

FileCloud’s secure file sharing tool is a one-stop solution for businesses looking to stay safe while sharing files with clients, employees or external parties. Users can build a custom client portal in just a few minutes using customizable branding solutions and manage access for users. The system offers advanced synchronization, versioning, and backup capabilities.

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