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We have remained true to our mission throughout, treating our guests as we do each other like family. We couldn’t be prouder of who we are and what we do.
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The Great Escape Adventures
We’ve got your back !

Things happen. Plans change. We get that. If life throws you a curveball, we won’t throw back a penalty. We will help reschedule trips or travel dates so you can focus on all the good to come, not on feeling let down. When you travel with us in Kashmir, you will get what you hoped for (and more!) out of your precious vacation time. If we fail to hit that mark, we will work with you to make it right.

While many outfitters consider 20-30 (a bus-load) a small group, we find smaller is so much better. We’ve capped our trips into smaller groups, and have a 5:1 guest-to-guide. Our small groups and personalized service allow you to enjoy the beauty, culture and flavors of Kashmir, and excitement of a new land not from the well-trodden tourist track, but from the perspective of an insider.

You can expect the finest experience from our incredible private, specialist, and trained trek leaders, guides, and local support team.

Your safety is paramount. Our guides are hired on this principle and trained not only to keep you safe out in the field but to be ready for the unexpected “the flash flood, the lightning storm, the civil unrest” those off-the-itinerary events you weren’t accounting for. Our equipment is always top-notch and carefully maintained, and also a means through which we protect your safety.

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