Join the Adventure

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When we quit our jobs to travel, we did not know what to do or how to earn the bread and butter necessary for sustaining our dreams. All we knew was that we had to live in the mountains and go on trekking as far as we could. Learning everything the hard way, we figured how difficult it is for a layman to enter this niche. Just to make sure that our fellow trekkers don’t give up on their passion just because they don’t know how to survive it, we decided to let people in our small community. The Great Escape Adventures was created with three hearts full of passion and a need to bring a change to the trekking industry. We at The Great Escape Adventures have worked tirelessly to convert our dreams into a reality and are still thriving to achieve our wildest fantasies. Each trek we organize is curated from our personal experiences that try to bring out the essence of what trekking actually means. If you too desire to bring about a change whilst relentlessly following your passion for trekking and conquering new mountain tops, The Great Escape Adventures welcomes you with open arms.

What do you need to do?

You just need to send us your resume.

P.S: Don’t just write about your work experience. Also write about things that talk about the way you travel, the most insane things you have yet done and why and how you think you can be a part of the religion that we call, THE GREAT ESCAPE ADVENTURES.

The positions you can apply for:

1. Trek Coordinator

The job of a trek coordinator is rather hectic. You have to coordinate the trek from the scratch; which means, you will have to get in touch with prospective trekkers in great detail. Our USP is customization of treks, so you will have to discuss with the trekkers what they want and how they want it, giving them expert advice alongside. To do that, you will have to work closely with the founders and the vendors.

2. Trek Leaders

You will be the face of The Great Escape Adventures for our trekkers. You will lead our trekkers on the mountains and will be responsible to take smart and quick decisions. Being trek leaders ourselves, we know how important it is to learn all the skills; be passionately driven yet practically calmed and hence, we are very picky with our trek leaders. You should have done a basic mountaineering course and should have a good hold over medical conditions that trekkers can face. You should have the mind to tell a person that he can’t continue on a trek (if he seems feeble under any context) and the heart to give them 10 more minutes to sleep.

3. Assistant Trek Leaders

You will be the helping hand of our Trek Leaders on the mountains and will be responsible to assist them during treks whilst gaining knowledge and training to become one soon. We do require you to have done some Himalayan treks before you apply for this job.

4. Content Team

The content team at The Great Escape Adventures works super hard curating videos, graphics, editing pictures and writing articles. You guys create the content that is posted on all our social networking sites and is basically create our digital reputation, hence, you have a big responsibility. The videos we make are a little out of the box, the articles we write, don’t just define a space, they define the feeling of the place; how it made you feel, how it left an impact. Make sure you are a creative soul before you decide to opt shotgun on the content team because Gauri (our Creative Head) takes the entire content a little personally.

5. Social Media Handlers

We are planning to create a strong social media presence across all platforms, so we require individuals who are willing to spend good quality time over it. This is the best option if you don’t want to quit your current job and still want to contribute to our community. You will have to create strong posts and work closely with your content team and our creative head, fulfilling targets at month ends.

You can reach us at: