Barafsar Lake Trek

Duration: 5 Days/ 4 Nights

Barafsar Lake Trek begins from the last town of Kashmir Valley towards the north-east. The town is well known for doormen that take enthusiasts to the blessed Amaranth cave. The trek has three elevated lakes on its course, and one being the most noteworthy lake in Kashmir. In transit, one encounters two snow-capped glades, Kolahoi Pass (most noteworthy in Sindh valley), six icy mass beds, and Thajiwas untamed life asylum.

One of the most sought places in India, Barafsar Lake trek is the one for you to look out for. This place is like a mythological place on earth, this place forms the best for you and you can travel around anytime that you want. This is because the trek comes straight out of the canvas and right in front of you. This is the main reason why this place is a hot topic for a lot of people out there. Every beauty around here is a scenic capture for you, where you can take a look at the rugged mountains and just smell it in as much as you want.

Barafsar Lake Trek is a great place for you to travel but the distance is hard for you to cover. What makes this lake even prettier is the place for which every distance can be covered and in the right way. This amazing place comes with a lot of management, serrated into the mountains and even onto the lakes as well. This place is a perfect way to get out as much as you want, helps you to scope out for the said. This amazing Barafsar Lake trek is the meadows of the great place of Kashmir. You can trek around anytime that you want. It is very good for you to travel around in the month of September. There is an oasis that runs into the meadows of the valley, there are horses that run and sheep which gazes around here.