Khemsar Yemsar Trek

Duration: 3 Days/ 4 Nights

The Khemsar Yemsar Trek is a short enthralling trek that spans over three days. The climb from the Khemsar meadow to the Khemsar Lake is a rich and divine experience. You get to walk through dense forests and witness many unique wildlife species. The Khemsar and Yemsar lakes are surreal and pristine, both of which are visited on the same day that is the second day of the trip. The night camp beside the lakes gives an unreal and majestic experience of vulnerability at its best.

As you admire and appreciate the divine and delightful nature before you while being driven to the village, you will soon find yourself at the campsite in Kulan. Kulan has nestled not very far away into the wilderness but serves as a campsite for the expeditions that aim to traverse deep into the mountains.